How To Get The Misty Leap Achievement In Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons

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  • Where To Find The Diving Goggles
  • How To Reach The Diving Goggles

The brand new Guild Wars 2 expansion, End of Dragons, takes place in Cantha. It's a human civilization, inspired by real asian cultures, that has been shut off from the rest of Tyria for around 100 years! Everything here is entirely unfamiliar to the player and their team.

Of course, a new expansion comes with new achievements to complete! This guide will walk you through the Misty Leap achievement, which is specific to the first new map that you get access to in End of Dragons: the Seitung Province.

Where To Find The Diving Goggles

The Misty Leap achievement gives you the hint that you're looking for diving goggles at the top of a "secluded southern waterfall." There are plenty of waterfalls in Seitung Province, but the one you're looking for is almost directly south of Zen Daijun. We've indicated where it's found on the map above.

How To Reach The Diving Goggles

If you're not nearby already, just travel to the Village Waypoint a little further northwest. From there, head out of the village via the northeastern gate and follow the path to southeast, through Zen Daijun.

As you follow the path, you'll eventually reach a long rope bridge that leads to a place called Cat Island out in the water. If you have time, we do recommend visiting it, because it is indeed full of cats. However, to earn the Misty Leap achievement, you'll want to turn left instead of going over the bridge.

You'll find that there is a canopy-like structure built into the mountain wall. Start by climbing to the top of it, then jump off, turn back around towards the rock, and use your glider to sail into the waterfall. There's a little ledge there that you couldn't see before!

Once you're on the ledge, everything else is quite easy. There's a Mastery Point to get here, and there's a path that leads into an area populated with enemies, but the Diving Goggles are right at the edge. Just equip them and jump off to earn the Misty Leap achievement!

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