How To Get Easy Lobbies In COD Warzone

Right now Call of Duty: Warzone is going through a bit of a tumultuous time. People have been complaining about skill-based matchmaking, or SBMM, for a while now, and when you couple that matchmaking method with some of the recent third-party companion apps and even routers that have been available, well, things are getting dicey for both high and low-level Warzone players.

Right now the term “bot lobbies” is being thrown around a lot, and players are using third-party software to help them find low-rank lobbies and stream-snipe their favourite players. This is all a bit much, honestly, but it’s interesting to find out how it works. As a result, we’ll be telling you exactly what you can do to get the easiest possible lobbies in Call of Duty: Warzone, by any means necessary…

Smurfing In COD Warzone

Yes, it is exactly what you expect – smurfing. SBMM is tied directly to your previous game performance in COD Warzone, so you will get lobbies filled with higher-skill players if you’ve been playing for a long time and have a reasonably good record. So if you start a new account, one with no previous record, you will be matched up with new players. And others that are also smurfing, of course, ruining the experience for the actual new players. But this is just one of several potential methods.

Netduma Routers And COD Warzone

This one requires you to buy a whole new router for around $300 – so, you know, maybe just consider getting better at the game before you drop to money for this one. Netduma routers are very powerful and capable gaming routers that will fill your home with a strong WiFi signal, and ensure that your games are given the best possible chance of keeping up with the server, minimising the latency your network should experience. That, in addition to Geo-Filtering.

While I don’t know exactly how it works, Netduma routers can be used to only connect to other players from a certain location. For example, you can set your router to only matchmake with players in Hawaii – a state which isn’t known for COD professionals, and Activision does not allow you to participate in tournaments from – primarily because it would be too easy, when compared with other locations. Yes, this will give you a much higher ping to the server, but when matched up against relative newbies, it’s a big advantage. Assuming you’re a half-decent player to start with, that is.

Warzone Companion App

Finally, this exploit seems to have already been rectified by the developers, but for a time there was a third-party app known as Warzone Companion by Overwolf, and this app would be able to show you a full list of every player in your lobby and their stats as you enter a game. You could easily browse through, judge whether the players are good based on their kill-death ratio, and then either leave or keep playing, as shown in this Twitter video below.

This has been patched out, but for a time this was causing havoc for streamers who found their stream snipers able to pinpoint them in every game that they were playing. A nightmare, but one that is no longer viable, thankfully.

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