How To Dodge In Resident Evil 3

The first two Resident Evil games are fairly restrictive when it comes to character mobility. The original Resident Evil notably removed auto-aim for its western release and no version of Resident Evil 2 exists where Leon & Claire can Quick Turn – making the tank controls even more difficult for younger gans to get used to. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis not only introduced Quick Turn as a mechanic, it also featured a Dodge mechanic Capcom wouldn’t touch again for years.

While Resident Evil 3 (2020) isn’t the most faithful remake, it clearly respects the tone of its source material – amplifying the action that defined the original’s gameplay while also expanding on its more unique qualities. Jill is more seasoned than either Leon or Claire, as proven by her incredibly useful dodge in Resident Evil 3 – even triggering its own bullet time. Most players will be able to get through a standard playthrough without ever needing to Dodge, but Resident Evil 3’s harder difficulties outright demand mechanical mastery.

How To Dodge

Dodging might feel like a finicky mechanic at first, but that’s only because of the many gameplay nuances which influence how Jill can dodge. Worth keeping in mind that dodging zombies is actually considerably harder than any other enemy in the game, discouraging players who can’t get the hang of dodging early on.

The key to dodging requires a mix of watching telegraphs and being able to quickly go to the left, right, or (in some cases) into an enemy. For the most part, players will want to dodge either left or right in order to avoid potential damage. Most zombies tend to growl right before they latch onto Jill, so it’s usually safe to dodge as soon they’re about to lunge. Dodging backwards also works particularly, but Zombies usually have enough reach to cut the distance.

Hunters always make their attacks very clear, so watch their arms and dodge accordingly. Similarly, Nemesis is intimidating, but his large frame gives him some of the clearest telegraphs in Resident Evil 3. Beyond actively avoiding damage, dodging is a great way to rush by enemies without confrontation. While RE3 drops Jill enough ammo to kill everything in her path, sometimes it’s easier to dodge by a zombie before they aggro.

Perfect Dodge

Jill’s dodge is useful for cutting distance or circumventing enemies entirely, but it also has a brief window of time where – when triggered – activates a Perfect Dodge which slows down time and allows Jill to fire off critical hit shots with whatever weapon she has equipped. Mastering the Perfect Dodge is outright mandatory for later difficulties, necessary for creating openings against Nemesis.

The key to triggering a Perfect Dodge is to wait for the exact moment before an enemy’s attack does contact. In the case of zombies, there’s a brief sweet spot right after they growl where Jill can comfortably trigger Perfect Dodges. That said, they still remain the hardest enemies to get around just due to how sporadic their AI is.

Triggering a Perfect Dodge really is easier said than done, however. To take some of the weight off of Jill, players can buy S.T.A.R.S. Field Combat Manual in the post-game shop. Written by Chris Redfield, the Manual costs 6,400 points and makes it much easier for Jill to trigger a Perfect Dodge. Players will still need the right timing, but it’s no longer so tight.

How To Shove

In typical Resident Evil fashion, there are some subtle gameplay differences between Resident Evil 3’s two protagonists: Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira. Carlos is playable twice throughout the game: once during the RPD and again at the Hospital. Unlike Jill, Carlos cannot dodge. Instead, Carlos shoves any enemies he comes in contact with – having the opportunity to trigger a Perfect Punch with the right timing.

It goes without saying, but Carlos’ shove cannot be treated like Jill’s dodge by any means. Carlos cannot quickly get himself out of danger, so any players used to Jill’s mobility will need to adjust. Carlos’ shove can briefly stun enemies, however, creating an opening for damage. The shove isn’t particularly useful against zombies (especially in the Hospital where there are hordes of them), but Hunters can be comfortably neutralized by brave players.

Perfect Punch

Even though Carlos doesn’t have the benefit of Jill’s perfect dodge, he can consistently damage enemies without needing to fire a gun or use the knife. With the right timing, Carlos’ shove becomes a Perfect Punch which actually deals damage. If players are comfortable fighting them head on, Perfect Punching becomes one of the best way to take out Hunters and save ammo inside of the Hospital. Just like Jill, Carlos’ Shove is augmented so long as he keeps the S.T.A.R.S. Field Combat Manual in his inventory.

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