Horizon Forbidden West: All Tallneck Locations

To uncover the map of Horizon Forbidden West, you will need to scale and override every Tallneck in the game. You will be able to see most of their general locations when closer on the map, and Aloy will pick up a signal with her focus when in the area, allowing you to pinpoint their locations and find what you need to do to climb them.

Tallnecks were present in Horizon Zero Dawn and served the same purpose, requiring you to climb and override them to clear a section of the map. However, the Tallnecks in Forbidden West can be a little more creative – with certain ones requiring you to complete a unique quest, a hidden activity, or to come back later on. Here's where to find every Tallneck in the game, and what you need to do in order to override them.

Tallneck: Cinnabar Sands

This is the first Tallneck you can come across in the Forbidden West, and it can be found on the map above. North of Stone's Echo and southeast of Plainsong, the Tallneck will be roaming around a satellite dish.

There is also a Glinthawk scouring the area and a few machines on the ground, so watch out for those as you get closer. Either avoid them entirely or clear them out to make it a little easier.

This Tallneck will require you to scale the satellite dish and figure out how to align it upright – scan to detect everything you need. There will be parts you need to interact with, and you will have to climb around the structure to reach each one. When you have activated the first point, the dish will move partway, and you will then have to navigate around to find the second point to activate.

Once you have climbed around to activate both parts needed, the satellite will return to its upright position. Now, you will be able to climb the ladder all the way to the top, and you can leap to the Tallneck from the highest point of the dish.

Tallneck: The Stillsands

Once you have passed the mountains after completing Repair Bay TAU, you will be able to access this Tallneck. Head south from Arrowhand and continue south past Camp Nowhere, and you will be able to pick up the signal for this Tallneck.

The quest will begin, and you will need to investigate the Oseram equipment around. You will find that they were trying to bring the Tallneck down to Salvage it, but were killed by machines before they could.

The Tallneck is damaged and to repair it, you will need to bring it down yourself. Use the ballistae in the area to attach weights to the Tallneck – there are three of these in total. However, with each one, waves of machines will swarm you, and you will need to fight them off.

When the Tallneck has fallen, you can hop onto its head and override it. Once this is done, it will stand back up and continue its roaming uninterrupted. Now you can jump down and go find the next.

Tallneck: Salt Bite

This Tallneck will not appear on your map or be found roaming the area. Instead, it is part of the Cauldron IOTA. This can be found shown on the map above, north of Scalding Spear, and east of the lake in the area.

If you decide to tackle Cauldron IOTA, know that you cannot exit it until it has been completed – make sure you are prepared before heading in.

During the Cauldron, you will need to repair the Tallneck that was being built inside before the operations came to a halt. Once this is done, you will override it as usual. Then, the elevator will raise the Tallneck out of the Cauldron – with you still on its head – and then it will go about roaming the area for the remainder of the game. Leap down to finish this Tallneck quest.

Tallneck: The Stand Of The Sentinels

Near the coast, just west of Cliffwatch, this Tallneck can be found circling an area in the forest. The location can be seen on the map above, and it will require you to climb and navigate wooden platforms in the trees – however, they are a little broken, and will require some creative traversal.

The area will be home to some Clamberjaws in the trees and Stalkers on the ground, so watch out for those as you traverse the platforms.

Scan for any climbable surfaces while in the area. You will need to make use of ledges, grapple points, and ladders you can lower as a shortcut back up if you should fall. You will even need to jump to the Tallneck to reach another one of the platforms, and then eventually be high enough to reach the head of the machine.

Tallneck: Landfall

This Tallneck will be broken in the water, with its head above the surface resting on some flooded ruins. The location is shown on the map above, south of Legacy's Landfall and east of where you arrive in San Francisco. Head over and scan it to begin the quest.

You will find that some power cells are missing from the machine, and that they must have been taken by some Glinthawks in the area. Head slightly north to find the flooded ruins where they are.

There are a few Snapmaws circling the waters of this area, so watch out for those as you are swimming to the ruins.

There are a couple of Glinthawks here you can kill, but the main thing you'll need to do is search their scrap piles – something they're not overly willing to let you do. After searching, you will find both power cells needed, and can return to the Tallneck.

Place the power cells back in the Tallneck – at the base of its neck underwater – and it will rise back up and begin circling the area in the water. However, now you need to get to the head.

Head over to the ruins it is now circling, and you can climb up to the roof from the interior of the southernmost building – there is a gap underwater to swim in there.

Navigate across the rooftops, and you will be able to leap to the platform on the shoulders of the Tallneck. Climb your way up from there and override the machine once at the top.

Tallneck: The Shining Wastes

The final Tallneck is one you will likely discover earlier in the game, as shown on the map above – center on the map and south of Scalding Spear. However, Aloy will note that there does not appear to be a way to reach the top of this Tallneck and will have to come back later.

You can override this Tallneck as part of a story mission later on in the game, known as The Wings Of The Ten. As such, you don't need to worry about missing or forgetting about this one, and we won't go into any further details about it to avoid spoilers.

This will likely be the final Tallneck you will complete, as it is one of the later missions of the game. With that, this has been every Tallneck in Horizon Forbidden West.

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