Horizon Forbidden West: All Ornament Collectible Locations

Throughout your time in the Forbidden West, you may come across locations known as Relic Ruins. These are significant ruins of the old world that house Ornaments – one of the collectibles in Horizon Forbidden West. However, each will require you to figure out how to reach the Ornament.

Some Ornaments will be relatively straightforward to retrieve, whereas others will require you to think outside the box a little more. Navigate platforms, solve puzzles, and utilize the newer tools you get as you progress through the game. Here is every Ornament in the game and how to solve the Relic Ruins they're in.

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Final Ornament – Quest What Are The Ornaments For?

Ornament: Lets Get This Party Started

The first Ornament will be at the Relic Ruins: The Daunt as shown on the map above, a little south of Chainscrape. This one is simple enough to navigate, and will have you using crates to reach the key and unlock the door. For a more detailed description, check below.

How To Complete Relic Ruins: The Daunt – Walkthrough

Use the nearby crate to climb up to the locked door. Behind this door is the Ornament, but first we need the key.

Head out onto the balcony by this door, and you will be able to jump from a ramp over to the next balcony.

Once over here, you can head into the next room where you can grab the key.

To get out of this room, you will need to use your pullcaster and the crate to reach the vent at the top.

You will see some ledges to climb on the wall, but can't reach them. We need to the crate from before.

Turn around and there will be a wall you can break with the pullcaster. You will also need to use the pullcaster in the tunnel to break the brittle floor above.

Now you can get the crate through and into the tunnel, where you can push it to the end in order to reach the ledges to climb out of this room.

Head back to the first area with the locked door, and now you can retrieve the Ornament.

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Ornament: Emergency Pit Stop

This Ornament is fairly straightforward as well, with only a slight puzzle to it. It can be found at the Relic Ruins: No Man's Land as pictured above on the map, west of Barren Light. For a little more on the puzzle itself, check below.

How To Complete Relic Ruins: No Man's Land – Walkthrough

Once in the ruins, you will see the door has been locked on the floor above. You will need to restore power with the power cell below.

On one side of the water is the slot where the power cell needs to go (under the door).

On the other side is where the power cell is currently charged. If you take the power cell and try to carry it through the water, it will shock and lose its charge.

If this happens, you will need to put the battery back in the charging station.

In this room is a breakable wall, and you will be able to grab a crate from the other side.

Move the crate to the ledge near the power cell.

Now you can put the battery on the crate, and move it across safely to the other side.

Place the power cell in the slot, and climb back up to the door to unlock it and grab the Ornament.

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Ornament: Weekend Getaway

This Ornament requires a little more in the way of creativity when it comes to the puzzle. The location of the Relic Ruins: Restless Weald can be seen above, just northwest of Plainsong. For a little more on the puzzle itself, check below.

You will need the Igniter in order to complete this Relic Ruin. As such, you may need to come back a little later on.

How To Complete Relic Ruins: Restless Weald – Walkthrough

For this one, you will need to make use of the train cart outside, covered in blue metal indicating that it can be moved (either by hand or with the Pullcaster).

First, pull the cart onto the straight track away from the building.

Then use the lever to switch the tracks, and push the cart down so that you can climb onto the ledges of the ruins.

Walk across the rope to the next platform to reach the key for the door.

Hop down to the floor below and scan for a Datapoint in the ruins of a room. This will mention a code for the locked door, noting the date the station was built.

Just outside of this room, around where you hopped back down, are some climbable ledges (scan for them to make it easier).

Make your way up and around to the next floor, and you will find another Datapoint by a locked door. This Datapoint mentions the date of the station being written on the building itself.

Head back down and around to the front of the station, and you can see the date in metal numbers on the wall – 1973 – with one falling off slightly.

Now go back to that same locked door and open it, and then zipline through to the next part of the ruins.

Break open the wall in here with the Igniter, and now you can bring the train cart from earlier into the building.

Head back to the cart, pull it back, switch the tracks back again, and push the cart to where it originally was and through the hole in the wall.

Now you can use this as a platform to climb up and reach the Ornament.

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Ornament: Stanfort Days

The next Ornament can be found in the Relic Ruins: Dry Yearn, with the specific map location shown above – in between Scalding Spear and your base. After solving a short puzzle and platforming, you can grab the Ornament. For a breakdown of what to expect, check below.

You will need the Vine Cutter in order to get past the Metal Flowers before you can complete this Relic Ruin. As such, you may need to return later on.

How To Complete Relic Ruins: Dry Yearn – Walkthrough

First, you will want to clear the vines by the metal flower and grab the crate behind.

Use this crate to climb up to the platform with the controls for the blast door, and open it up.

Once open, it will begin to close again. Run through to the other side before it closes to continue.

On the right, you will see some metal bars you can pull down using the pullcaster.

Climb up the ledges on the blast door and hop across these metal bars you have pulled down to reach the metal platform, and pick up the key.

If you try to climb up higher on the blast door, the ledges will break off, so we will need to find another option.

Pull the train cart at the far end of the tunnel closer to the blast door, and leave it there.

Use the nearby crate to climb to the metal platform above it and open the locked door.

From this room, head through the vents to get back onto the other side of the blast door.

Now open the blast door again, but before it closes, pull the train cart midway through to wedge it open.

Now you will be able to head onto the other side of the door, and use the cart to reach the ledges on the blast door.

As the door is slightly raised, you can now reach the ledges in the top left corner to proceed.

Follow this room back onto the other side of the blast door, and you will now be able to drop down to the previously inaccessible metal platform.

On this platform is the Ornament – pick it up to add it to your collection.

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Ornament: Go Big

This Ornament can be found in the Relic Ruins: The Stillsands a little north of Hidden Ember, as shown on the map above. You will have to climb around to find your way into the building, as it is mostly buried in the sand. For a little more on what you need to do in this Relic Ruin, check below.

How To Complete Relic Ruins: The Stillsands – Walkthrough

When you have dropped down into the ruins, you can see the Ornament up high straight ahead, but there is no way to reach it.

If you look left, you can see a Datapoint resting on a ledge and a key – also inaccessible right now.

Behind you, you will see a doorway in the corner. Go through here.

Use the crate to reach the ledge in the room, and turn the valve up there.

Water will start pouring out, but will go through the drain by the door.

Hop down and push the crate into this gap to block the drain, and the building will begin to flood.

Now swim back through the door and head over to the stairs underneath where you saw the Datapoint and key.

Climb up the stairs and grab those.

Back over in the direction of the room with the drain, you will see a locked door on the floor above it.

This is shallow water on the platform, so you can stand there to unlock the door.

Grab the crate on the other side and push it into the water.

Get the crate to the opposite side of the room, by standing where you can and using the pullcaster.

From here, you can use the crate to reach the ledges and climb up to where you saw the Ornament.

Grab the Ornament at the top, and then climb the statues near where you dropped in to exit the ruin.

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Ornament: A Church? Really?

Found in the Relic Ruins: Runner's Wild, shown on the map east of Scalding Spear and north of The Memorial Grove, this Ornament will require a bit more puzzling with crates. For a little more description of the puzzle, check below.

How To Complete Relic Ruins: Runner's Wild – Walkthrough

When you arrive in the ruins, most areas will be blocked off with brittle walls.

First, break the wall with the pullcaster where you can for now – on the opposite side of the ruins to the crate.

Then pull the crate down from the platform, and use it to climb up to the shelter above it.

Climb around the tower and drop into the next area.

There are two walls to break in here – one with the pullcaster, and the other with the Igniter.

After clearing both walls, pull the crate from before through to the inside of the tower.

If you attempt to use it to reach the ledges inside, the first ledge you grab will break, so we'll need another option.

Drag the crate down to the far end of this corridor that is now clear.

Use the crate to climb up the gap in the ceiling, where you can see another brittle wall.

There is a second crate on the roof here. Push it off the edge, and down from the shelter to the area where the original crate started.

By where the crate landed is a ledge – use this to stack the first crate onto the new one.

Now drag the stacked crates back to the inside of the tower, where you can now reach the ledges higher up.

Grab the key from this room – only a little more to go now.

Now drag the stacked crates halfway down the corridor from earlier – there is a low point in the wall you can jump over.

There is a locked door here. Use the key we picked up to open it.

On the other side of the door is another wall to break, so clear that.

Now you can bring the stacked crates to this ledge, and pull the top crate into this new room.

Push that crate through the door and up the ramp, to the base of the tower.

Now you can climb up the exterior of the tower and enter the room at the top.

Pick up the Ornament and add it to your collection.

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Ornament: The Bill

On the coast north of Thornmarsh, you can find the Relic Ruins: The Long Coast. In the ruins of an old world theater, you have to solve a few little puzzles to grab this Ornament. For more insight on the puzzles themselves, check below.

How To Complete Relic Ruins: The Long Coast – Walkthrough

The first thing you'll want to do is head up the stairs towards the back of the theater.

Grab the power cell here – as soon as you pick it up, it will begin to lose its charge.

Quickly take it down the stairs and put it in the slot near the elevator.

Now use the elevator to reach the next platforms (you can just grapple up, but you will need the elevator soon).

Once up here, you can jump across a nearby gap and climb the tower.

Glide over to the upper seating area where you can see a crate.

Grab the crate and push it off the ledge, then bring it to the elevator.

Now, head to the far side of the theater – where the stage is.

On the left side of the stage (when looking at it) you can climb using some ledges on the wall.

Drop into the room with the firegleam on the wall.

Break this wall using the Igniter, and then you will be able to look back through the room and see a lever on the other side through a hole.

Pull this lever using your pullcaster – a ledge on rails above will move around to the side you are on.

Quickly grapple onto this ledge and then jump back onto the metal balcony behind you – the mechanism will revert, so you have to hurry.

Grab the crate up here and bring it all the way to the elevator as well.

Take both crates up to the upper floor using the elevator and leave them up there.

Now empty, send the elevator back down.

Grapple back up to the upper floor and push one of the crates onto the top of the elevator.

Send the elevator back up.

Now use one crate to jump onto the top of the elevator, and the second crate to reach the upper ledges in the tower.

In this room, you can grab the Ornament and add it to your collection.

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Ornament: Golden Toucans

The Relic Ruin: Isle of Spires can be found in the middle of San Francisco, west of Legacy's Landfall – it's a tall building so is easy enough to spot. Here you can grab the Golden Toucans Ornament, but it will involve some complex puzzling. If you want some more depth on what you have to do, check below.

How To Complete Relic Ruins: Isle Of Spires – Walkthrough

As you enter the ruins, you will see a locked door at the bottom – level with the surface of the water.

This door requires a key and a code.

Scan for climbable surfaces opposite the door and head up.

Jump across the gap, and you will see a crate on a ledge, out of reach.

Pull the crate so that it falls down and into the water.

Jump back down into the water, and find the crate.

Opposite where it landed in the water, you will see a ramp. Stand here and pull the crate out of the water.

Open the vent in the ceiling here with the pullcaster.

Now use the crate to climb up into the vent, and head through to the next room.

A Datapoint in here will list instructions for a bypass code.

Use the terminal next to the locked door in this room.

Input the number '2' and then each number counter-clockwise – so it would be 2109.

This is the first code we will need, and now we need to find the next.

Head back to the original locked door.

Dive under the water, and you will see another closed door.

Open the door and head in, where you can squeeze through a gap.

Go through this gap and into the next room.

There is a crate in the water – pull it out with the pullcaster, and leave it next to the elevator doors.

Break the firegleam wall and climb up the exterior of the building.

On this floor will be a few breakable walls, and you can find another vent in the ceiling in one of the far rooms.

Climb through this vent, and clear the firegleam – also clear the remainder of the floor to make sure there are no more blocked paths.

Scan for a power cell, and charge it in the room where you cleared the firegleam.

Then you will need to take this power cell to the elevators and slot it in before it loses its charge.

Now the elevators will have power, so use it to head back down to the floor where you left the crate.

Put the crate in the elevator and head back up.

Now, using this crate, you will be able to reach a climbable ledge on this floor.

Jump across to the opposite balcony, and you will be in a room with another Datapoint.

This Datapoint will mention a code following the rule 1-0-floor number.

This Datapoint is on the ninth floor, so unlock the door in here with the code 109.

This is the second code we need, but now we need the key.

Bring the second crate back down using the elevator, into the room where you found it.

Push it into the water on the right side of the room, and pull it towards where the Metal Flower is.

Stand on the crate in the water, and you can shoot a lock on a ladder through the gaps in the wall.

Now, if you haven't already, use the Vine Cutter on the Metal Flower to clear the way.

Head around and climb up the ladder you can now reach.

Jump back from the top of the ladder into the opening. Here will be the key you can pick up.

Now head back to the original locked door.

First, use the key, and then enter the two codes we found – 2109209.

Head inside and pick up the Ornament to add it to your collection.

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Ornament: Gizmo

The final Ornament – Gizmo – can be found as part of a quest. After you have cleared the underground ruins of Las Vegas and Hidden Ember has been set up as a settlement, speak to Stremmur to receive the quest Nights Of Lights.

There may still be some Burrowers and a Snapmaw to deal with on this quest, so be prepared to sneak or fight if needed.

Follow the quest to head down into the ruins of Las Vegas – known as Dunehollow – and it will lead you to the Ornament in one of the buildings. There will be some crates and climbing to do, but the quest remains straightforward enough to follow. At the end, grab the Gizmo Ornament and return it to Stremmur.

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What Are The Ornaments For?

After retrieving the Gizmo Ornament for Stremmur as part of the above quest, he will request you to find all the other Ornaments within the Relic Ruins. The Ornaments were related to holiday events for the old world, as so will correlate to certain celebrations – Christmas and Halloween, for example.

Once you have returned them to Stremmur, you can request he change the theme of the Las Vegas lights to that holiday event. Doing so will project holographic decorations in the sky above the sands.

Quest Rewards

When you have given Stremmur every Ornament in the game, he will tell you to help yourself to a nearby chest – this will include a Legendary Shredder Gauntlet called Ancestor's Return. With that, the quest will be complete, and you can return to change the holographic lights whenever you like.

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