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Hooked On You is Dead By Daylight's dating sim spin-off that puts the "gore" in gorgeous. Stuck on an island with a slew of murderous studs, you'll have to play your cards right if you're looking to snag the monster of your dreams.

As well as making key choices that influence the outcome of your game, you'll have to take a stab at some minigames. There are two types of minigames in Hooked On You: quizzes and time-based reaction ones. Here's how to slice and dice your way to victory.

Quicktime Minigames: Spinners And Windowed Spinners

One of the main minigames in Hooked On You is the trusty quick-time reaction spinner.

These games consist of an arrow arm spinning around a dial, intersecting a target that you need to hit by pressing the space bar as the arm moves past it. This is not unlike the skill checks in regular Dead By Daylight gameplay when you play as a Survivor.

There are two types of spinner games:

  • Regular spinners where you can see the entire dial face and can anticipate when the arm will hit the target.
  • Windowed spinners where the dial face is obscured and the moving arm in question is a small circular window that will pass by the target once per rotation, meaning you need to watch carefully to time your reaction.

Since you need to wait until the window passes the target before you can take aim, these tend to be more difficult for most of us.

As in all QTEs in the world of gaming, don't panic, and assess each game and take your time with it. You can let the spinner go through many revolutions before you hit that space bar.

Some of the best endings for certain Killers, such as the ones for Trapper and Spirit, are heavily reliant upon your sharp reflexes. If you're looking to go all the way with those two, you may want to save your game before each spinner so that you can load back in if you get anything less than a perfect score!

Quiz Minigames: All Answers

There are four quizzes in Hooked On You that stand out from the regular choices that you make. These quizzes not only earn (or lose) you brownie points with your beau, but actually have definitive right or wrong answers as opposed to being preference-based.

Here are the answers to each of the quiz rounds!

The Huntress's Mycology (Mushroom) Quiz Answers

  1. Black Trumpet (the black tubular-shaped mushroom)
  2. Yellow Chanterelle (yellow tubular-shaped mushroom)
  3. Green Crackling Russula (domed green mushroom)

The Trapper's Spirit Quiz Answers

  1. Rin Yamaoka (Spirit's full name)
  2. A Dragon (the animal inside Spirit)
  3. Restaurant (where Rin worked before she died)
  4. Black (Rin's favourite colour)
  5. Not being seen for who you are (what Rin believes is a fate worse than death)

The Trapper's Dad's Quiz Answers

  1. Never (to letting someone stand in your way)
  2. A partner in crime (to what you want)
  3. Literally (to literally or metaphorically)
  4. Yes (to potentially hurting Trapper)

The Wraith/Grandma Abi's Astronomy Quiz Answers

  1. Cetus
  2. The Zodiac
  3. Horologium

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