Hood: Outlaws & Legends: Sliding Through The Glen Achievement Guide

Speed is of the essence in Hood: Outlaws & Legends, but it’s never more important than when a lockdown starts. If you or your teammates are spotted by guards in the fortress, the surrounding location will enter lockdown, causing the Portcullis gates to slam shut and reinforcements to converge on the area. The Sliding Through The Glen achievement requires you to slide under a Portcullis gate just before it closes.

This guide will cover everything that you need to know to unlock the Sliding Through The Glen achievement in Hood: Outlaws & Legends.

How To Unlock Sliding Through The Glen In Hood: Outlaws & Legends

To unlock Sliding Through The Glen, you need to cause an area to enter lockdown. You can do this by attacking guards in the open, causing them to alert the area. A message will flash on your screen to let you know that the area is entering lockdown, and the Portcullis gates will start to shut as the guards try to trap you.

Although the window is very brief, the gates don’t instantly slam shut. They will fall halfway before briefly hanging in place. When this happens, you will have a few seconds to slide under the gate before it closes.

Make sure you are sprinting towards the gate so that you can slide. If you are walking or crouched, your character will not perform a slide.

Which Character Should You Use To Unlock Sliding Through The Glen?

If you are struggling to create your own Indiana Jones-style moment, there are certain characters that will make it easier.

Tooke is one of the best characters to use if you want to unlock the Sliding Through The Glen achievement. This is because you can equip the Roaming Monk perk in slot two, which increases your movement speed when sprinting. Roaming Monk is unlocked at level three, so you should be able to access it quickly.

Tooke also regenerates stamina faster than other characters, ensuring that you will be able to sprint all the way towards a closing gate, even if it is far away.

However, if you are still struggling to reach a Portcullis gate before it shuts, consider swapping to a ranged character, like Robin. This will allow you to stand near a gate and fire an arrow at a guard to get their attention. When you are spotted, you can simply turn around, sprint towards the nearby gate, and slide under.

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