Honkai Impact 3rd: What Are Stigmas?

Honkai Impact 3rd is all about balancing and strengthening your teams of Valkyrja, then applying their skills tactfully to maintain the upper hand in combat. This can be achieved in various ways, starting by merely leveling them through experience, then upgrading weapons, unlocking and upgrading new skills, and enhancing your team members with different stigma.

Stigmas or Stigmata are an important part of giving your Valkyries the edge in battle. But what, or who exactly are they? Stigmas have many different faces, and each comes with certain buffs that may best fit a Valkyrja of a particular skill set. This guide will go over how to apply different stigma best.

What Are Stigma?

As we mentioned above, stigmas are represented by different non-playable characters that offer various buffs (typically Attack or HP) to the Valkyrja they are assigned to. In reality, they function as equipable materials to give your Valkyries a stat boost.

What Do Stigmas Do?

Different stigmata apply various kinds of buffs when equipped to a valkyrie. These will be more beneficial to Valkyrie of different skillsets, so it’s essential to read the effects of each stigma and compare them to the fundamental fighting style of the Valkyrie you’re thinking of equipping them to. Stigmata also apply bonus effects when applied to a Valkyrie in matching sets of two or three. Like weapons, stigmata will need enhancements and upgrades to make their impact more powerful. These improvements will level up the stigma and its star rating.

While set bonuses are helpful, it’s almost always more prudent to prioritize equipping a stigma with a higher star rating. But of course, you’ll need to keep the individual effects in mind. If the stigma’s effects are of no use with the selected Valkyrja’s fighting style, then there’s really not much of a point. But in general, it will behoove you to equip higher-rated stigmata over sets of stigmata with lower star ratings.

There’s also the matter of what mode you are playing in, which would take a whole other guide to explain adequately. But it’s certainly worth spending some time looking over the stigmas and swapping out sets to see what pairings work best with your play style.

How Do You Get More Stigmas?

You’ll usually pull a few stigmata each time you invest in an x10 Supply draw. Of course, the different Supply draws offer a chance at other items, so read the details to see which ones provide stigma drops. You can also earn them as rewards for completing some Story Stages.

If you’re looking to move a stigma into your Dorm Room, you’ll have to complete their correlating Move-in Quests, which are less involved than they may sound. Move-in quests generally consist of leveling stigmas a certain amount of times before they’re ready to join the dorm.

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