Hitman 3: Freelancer Arrives January 26 After Closed Beta Test In November

Hitman 3’s upcoming Freelancer mode has been delayed once again, but only a little. Originally scheduled to arrive in the first half of 2022, IO Interactive delayed Freelancer earlier this year to be in the second half. Now, Freelancer arrives at the end of January after hosting a technical test next month.

"Early next month, we’ll be selectively inviting Hitman 3 players on Steam to jump into the Closed Technical Test and put it through its paces," reported IO Interactive in today's update. "From customizing the safehouse, to eliminating syndicate leaders and unlocking mastery, you’ll be able to try the core elements of the mode – but we’re keeping some things under wraps too!"

We know very little about Hitman 3’s Freelancer mode other than it’ll add roguelike elements using locations from the main campaign and providing Agent 47 with how own safehouse. Today’s update said November’s beta test will allow IO Interactive to stress-test its servers, perhaps suggesting some multiplayer elements are involved. IO also said it’ll be looking into Freelancer’s economy and balance as well.

The good news is that Freelancer will include all locations from the World of Assassination when it releases on January 26. "We’re continuing to work on making the launch experience as frictionless as possible for all players. We’ll have more to say about that in future Road to Freelancer posts."

Freelancer’s closed technical test will be hosted on Steam, with select Hitman 3 players invited to take part. More details on exactly who will be selected and when the test will take place will arrive on October 27 with “Road to Freelancer Part 2.” After that, IOI will share more details about Freelancer for everyone who hasn’t taken part in the technical test sometime in December.

In other Hitman news, IOI is looking into transferring Hitman 3 save data from Google Stadia to other platforms. Expect updates on IOI’s social media channels.

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