Here’s How Long It Will Take To Complete 12 Minutes, According To Its Director

Ambitious thriller 12 Minutes is finally set to launch across Xbox and PC in the coming months after years in development. Ahead of its release, we caught up with creative director Luis Antonio to talk about the game’s history, its unique approach to storytelling, and the ample starpower found across its cast. You can check out the full interview here.

However, we couldn’t help but ask a fun little question about the game’s runtime, since its title seems to imply that the whole thing could be completed in 12 minutes. The true amount of time it takes to master a playthrough is much longer, as Antonio tells us: “No, no, no. So it’s like Groundhog Day, so the cop shows up three minutes into the loop,” Antonio says.

“First, you need to figure out how to overcome that before you can actually live the full loop. But then it just repeats, the actual game lasts maybe eight hours if you’re comfortable with adventure games.” We imagine this eight hours also takes into account learning the intricacies of each time loop, with players needing to memorise the current sequence of events and which items to be used when ensuring survival.

Despite the reasonable length of 12 Minutes, Antonio still believes that importance sits in subtlety and the careful management of scale. “It is very hard to convey to players the consequences of their actions when things are so complex. So slowly, I started to compress the amount of time and the size of your environment until it became 12 Minutes in a small apartment,” Antonio explains.

“I explored the magic of accumulated knowledge, and I realised the most interesting part are the relationships, how you, as a player deal with the information you’re given that is not so straightforward, and how you decide to use it.” 12 Minutes will star the likes of James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley, and Willem Defoe – all three of which take on the roles of major characters in the narrative.

A release date for 12 Minutes remains unconfirmed, but it is currently slated to arrive on Xbox consoles and PC later this year. We’ll be sure to update you once a date is announced in the future. For now, get ready for some time loops.

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