Hearthstone’s Forbidden Library Update Adds A New Solo Adventure And More

Blizzard’s latest expansion for its online card game Hearthstone is getting an update featuring a limited-time event. The Scholomance Academy expansion update will release on September 8 and run until September 29, showcasing a new solo adventure contained within The Forbidden Library.

Based on the lore of Warcraft, Hearthstone has been favorable for Blizzard since its release in 2014, and its latest event, The Forbidden Library, will provide fans with a month’s worth of entertainment. Players will be able to discover the secrets that lie within the library situated beneath the grounds of Scholomance Academy. Protected by dark magic, Headmaster Kel’Thuzad has hidden journals and entries describing faulty experiments within the library, waiting to be revealed by inquisitive students.

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Week one of the limited-time event will enable Battlegrounds Parties, where you will join Lord Barov, Jandice Barov, and Forest Warden Omu on the Battlegrounds. You will be able to invite seven players to enter your lobby, host private games with 5-8 duelists, and line-up in ranked Battlegrounds matches as a group of four or less. During opening week, players will be able to get their magical hands on the Mega Wild Bundle, which includes 56 packs from recently rotated expansions.

Week two brings The Forbidden Library’s new solo adventure, Book of Heroes, featuring the unwavering mage Jaina Proudmoore. The free origin narrative will give players insight into how she became a mighty mage and will update with more content over the next 12 months, all for free. The Book of Heroes will receive ten hero stories in total, and on completion of Jaina’s story, players will be gifted with one Mage Pack, which contains cards from Standard.

The third and final week sees the return of Heroic Brawliseum, where you can create a deck from your own collection to use when battling other Brawlers. Rewards are based on your win count, with one bundle, the Scholar Jaina Bundle, containing the Scholar Jaina Hero Skin and five Mega Packs, available from September 15 – September 22. The seasonal reward from June 2017, the Magic of Dalaran Card Back, will make a return and be available from September 22 – September 29.

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