Hearthstone: The 10 Best Hunter Cards

No class quite embodies the raw damage rush of the Hunter in Hearthstone. The Hunter has been a monster of class during its heyday, and it frequently dominates the tiers with its unmatched ability to put bodies on the board. This raw power is complimented by an equally mighty Hero Power and a slew of support cards.

Of course, the Hunter is not just a rushdown class that goes all in all of the time, and there is certainly some nuance to many of the modern decks that players can make. We’ve compiled some of the best cards available to the Hunter right now to give you an idea of what to look for when making your own Hunter deck.

There are way too many cards to list here, so we have picked a diverse selection of Spells, Effects, Minions, and Rarities.

10/10 Tracking

Tracking has been around for a while in Hearthstone, and it has always been pretty darn good for a low-cost Spell. It packs the ever-wonderful Discovery Keyword, and better yet, it pulls the cards directly from your deck pool – as opposed to some other nebulous selection. This can help you build a strong hand early on, or due to its cost, attempt to pull something better later-game. It’s nothing flashy, but it's undeniably a staple.

9/10 King Krush

King Krush is a classic Legendary that rolled up into Hearthstone at launch. King Krush hasn’t always seen play due to its high cost, however, with the various ways Hunters can interact with beasts in and out of their decks (even dead beasts), King Krush with his high stats and Charge can close games, kill big threats, and absolutely deserves play and recognition. A hammer in the shape of a dinosaur – what’s not to like?

8/10 Mountain Bear

Hunters have a tendency to be rather aggressive, but that doesn’t mean they can’t bulk up their defences and bring quality value cards to the board. Mountain Bear does exactly that. Decent stats, Taunt, and Deathrattle to summon more Taunt is simply excellent. For a bit late-gate card, Mountain Bear pulls its weight in nearly every game.

7/10 Harpoon Gun

Harpoon Gun is a solid weapon for a class that typically enjoys having access to solid weapons. It’s not too expensive, and it deals three damage per swing. It can help keep the board clear or pressure an opponent's Health. Typical weapon stuff. What makes it sing is Dredge. Hunter has a few ways to manipulate the bottom of their deck, so being able to drag those cards up to the top lets you plan your turns better. It also gives you information on your deck composition, because Dredge doesn’t cause a deck reshuffle. Very nice.

6/10 Pet Collector

Pet Collector is another high-value card. Her stats are fine – if a bit on the low end. Her value comes from her ability, which lets her summon Beasts up to her own value. Theoretically, you could pull a card from your deck and functionally gain 10 Mana worth of minions for only 5 Mana. Of course, it only works on Beasts, but there are plenty of Beasts worth taking at that Mana bracket.

5/10 Ramming Mount

Another card that brings a fair amount of value, whilst also helping with favourable trades. Ramming Mount is cheap, it buffs a minion with increased stats, and it makes them immune to damage when attacking. All of this is great, and lets you trade favourably until your opponent manages to deal with your buffed minion. The fact it then summons a replacement minion on death is just icing on the cake.

4/10 Defend The Dwarven District

Quests have been around for a while now, and as a mechanic, they are very interesting. To pull off Defend The Dwarven District, you don't need to do much – simply deal damage with some spells. Considering how many spells the Hunter has access to that can deal damage, you should be able to trigger it without much hassle at all. Of course, you will want to build a deck designed to take advantage of this. The payoff is significant to boot, as your Hero Power gains the ability to target minions. This basically makes the Hunter's Hero Power twice as effective as comparable Powers from other classes. Not all decks will bring or even want this Quest, but the ones that do can make excellent use of it.

3/10 Twinbow Terrorcoil

We love this card because Hunter has access to some great spells, and being able to cast them twice – regardless of cost – is a huge swing in Mana. Twinbow Terrorcoil into Revive Pet can provide a staggering amount of value, although any card can really benefit from this powerful effect. Not only that, but stat-wise, Twintail Terrorcoil is pretty respectable.

2/10 Barak Kodobane

Card draw is always a powerful card effect, and Barak Kodobane draws cards for Hunter like no other. We’ve touched on the value of spells in a Hunter deck due to their propensity to provide great value. Barak draws you three spells when summoned, and that’s basically it. The effect is great and can help you pull powerful cards like Tracking, Ramming Mount, or Revive Pet (to name a few). His stats are a bit low, but his effect more than makes up for it.

1/10 Hydralodon

Hyrdralodon is a pretty monstrous card – and one of the best cards the Hunter has access to in just about any deck. Hydralodon has Colossal +2, functionally making it three minions, with the lesser appendages being the true threat. Right off the bat, Hyrdalodon grants Rush to both of his Heads, which can immediately deal 6 damage to enemy minions. On death, they each spawn 2 more Heads although they don't have rush. The pressure this card puts on the field is substantial, and the value gained from a 7 Mana card is hard to match. You play this, and you tend to retake most boards. Because you have Mana left in the tank, you can even throw down some buffs to make the swing even harder. Finally, this thing is a Beast, which means you can Discover it easily and even bring it back from the dead if you get lucky with a Revive Pet.

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