Hearthstone patch notes confirm these big Battlegrounds updates

This week’s Hearthstone patch is out now and can be downloaded across PC, Android and iOS devices.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds is one of the main areas which Blizzard have looked to update, while a few other adjustments have been made to minions in Standard.

There have also been new bug fixes released as part of this week’s new Hearthstone update, which should make the game easier to play.

The new Standard Balance Update for Hearthstone sees Kael’thas Sunstrider change so that every third spell you cast each turn costs 1.

Meanwhile, the use of Mindrender Illucia has gone up from two to three as part of the latest patch. It should also be noted that Mindrender Illucia will be eligible for a full dust refund for two weeks after the 18.0.2 patch goes live.

The bug fixes listed by Blizzard as being part of this week’s update includes the following:

Fixed a visual bug with Archwitch Willow’s play animation.

Fixed a bug where Southsea Strongarm was showing incorrect art.

Fixed a bug where casting Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron with Rattlegore on board would cause the game to freeze.

Fixed several technical bugs that would cause the game to crash.

The main area of the game that has changed is in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, with Blizzard deciding to make sweeping changes to a lot of Minion cards.

Both the Gentle Megasaur and Arcane Cannon have been removed from the Battlegrounds minion pool, which the following changes have been made to other cards:

  • Rabid Saurolisk – Old: 3 Attack, 2 Health → New: 4 Attack, 2 Health
  • Rat Pack – Old: [Tier 2] → New: [Tier 3]
  • Pack Leader – Old: [Tier 3] → New: [Tier 2]
  • Monstrous Macaw – Old: 3 Attack, 2 Health → New: 4 Attack, 3 Health
  • Primalfin Lookout – Old: [Tier 5] → New: [Tier 4] – Now only Discovers minions from your current Tavern Tier or below.
  • Nat Pagle, Extreme Angler – Old: Overkill: Summon a 0/2 Treasure Chest. → New: After this attacks and kills a minion, add a random minion to your hand.
  • Mama Bear – Old: [Tier 6] 5 Attack, 5 Health. Whenever you summon a Beast, give it +5/+5.→ New: [Tier 5] 4 Attack, 4 Health. Whenever you summon a Beast, give it +4/+4.
  • Goldrinn, the Great Wolf – Old: Deathrattle: Give your Beasts +4/+4. → New: Deathrattle: Give your Beasts +5/+5.

Battlegrounds Hero Updates

  • Lady Vashj has been removed from the Battlegrounds Hero pool.
  • Captain Eudora: Buried Treasure – Old: Dig for a Golden minion! (4 Digs left.) → New: Dig for a Golden minion! (5 Digs left.)
  • Reno Jackson: Gonna Be Rich! Old: [Cost 2] → New: [Cost 0]
  • The Lich King: Reborn Rites – Old: [Cost 1] → New: [Cost 0]
  • Galakrond: Galakrond’s Greed – Now freezes the minion added to Bob’s Tavern.

Blizzard has also announced the Scholomance Inn-vitational, a new event which will be taking place on August 25, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. PT, that will split 20 Hearthstone personalities into 10 teams of 2 players, each representing a Dual-Class pairing.

$100,000 in prizing is on the line, along with the bragging rights that come with being the Scholomance Inn-vitational champions.

A message from Blizzard confirms: “All participants will stream their own perspective of the competition on their own channels from the comfort of their home, with the official Hearthstone Twitch and YouTube channels providing match commentary and big-picture updates. Casting will be the wizards themselves—Frodan and Sottle.”

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