HBO Developing Film Based On The GameStop Stock Market Saga

The GameStop Reddit debacle blew up – it went viral – as million, billion, trillion, too-much-money-aires started to clap back by closing stocks and shutting down their services to would-be investors. Naturally, Hollywood piqued its head in interest, but they aren’t alone. HBO is joining the already slated films and TV series with its own adaptation.

It’s not quite the serious and gut-wrenching tragedy that was Chernobyl, but HBO is dedicating resources to making an entire film about what just happened. Executive producers Andrew Ross Sorkin, Len Amato, and Jason Blum are all attached.

The film will be dedicated to the masses uprising through social media against Wall Street, essentially beating these rich investors at their own game through the use of Reddit and other platforms. A documentary was announced, as was a Netflix film from Hurt Locker’s Mark Boal, and a TV series from Pinky Promise.

For context, Sorkin co-created the drama Billions, another finance-based IP which was about hedge funds. He also wrote the book Too Big to Fail alongside co-producing its subsequent film adaptation which was nominated for 11 Emmy’s.

Anato was the head of HBO films and, under his guiding hand, they netted a staggering 43 Emmy Awards and 12 Golden Globes. Blum, the founder of Blumhouse (funnily enough), has won two Emmy Awards and two Peabody Awards. So, there’s a lot of talent going into HBO’s GameStop and Reddit drama adaptation, but will this project bring home the Emmy’s? Maybe.

Beyond that, not much is known about HBO’s film – who will it star? How will it effectively show what was, in essence, Reddit users actively monitoring stocks? It’s interesting in action, watching it unfold on the internet, but will this entire situation translate well to film and TV? We’ll see.

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