Hazelight Studios Abandons It Takes Two Trademark Following Yet Another Take-Two Claim

Take-Two is at it again, as its crusade of trademark and copyright disputes targets acclaimed indie adventure title, It Takes Two. Now, Hazelight Studios confirms it has abandoned the trademark for its hit game, and therefore has no ownership over the It Takes Two name.

It emerged earlier this week that Take-Two Interactive made the claim shortly after the game's release, trying to take ownership of the name for itself. There has been no word from the GTA parent company about the matter, yet the indie team says it remains "hopeful" this will be resolved.

Hazelight confirmed the news to Eurogamer today, after it was spotted that it had abandoned its efforts to trademark It Takes Two in late March. The team did not dispute that the abandonment came as a result of Take-Two's actions, but didn't comment on whether or not this affected sales or a possible sequel.

It Takes Two's trademark endeavours are just the latest in a long list of gaming casualties caused by Take-Two legal pressure. In the run-up to the GTA Trilogy's launch, the publisher went after popular mods that sought to offer a remaster experience in the original releases. It also targeted a GTA reverse engineering project, which would allow users to create their own ports of the classic games – but the team behind it are still disputing the takedown notice. The case is now set to be heard in court, with the creator's adamant they have not committed any wrongdoing.

In an ironic twist of fate, Take-Two should probably welcome both the help of modders, and any accidental associations with It Takes Two. The latter is up for Game of the Year and The Game Awards, and the former are currently hard at work fixing the GTA Trilogy after its messy launch. Admittedly, notorious issues with the character models and the rain are now addressed in official fixes, but not before the fans delivered.

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