Hardspace: Shipbreaker – How To Safely Remove Power Generators

Power generators are a salvage item in Hardspace: Shipbreaker that can cause electrical disturbances if not dealt with correctly. Similar to other high-value salvage items like reactors and fuel tanks, the power generator will be one of your main priorities to safely deliver when beginning a new shift.

The process of safely removing a power generator from a ship can be tricky if you're unprepared. Let's take a look at each step of how to remove a power generator without causing damage to any components or the ship.

How To Safely Remove Power Generators

To safely remove a ship's power generator, you will first need to remove the fuses found nearby. Usually, there are two or three fuses near the power generator that must be turned off before the generator can be removed. Removing the power generator before the fuses will damage the object and can send electricity arcing around the room, damaging you or other equipment and objects.

Before removing a fuse from its socket, you'll need to watch the red lights on the fuse box. Removing a fuse at the incorrect time will cause electricity to arc, and can damage the part. Instead, watch the red lights on the breaker until they turn off. Press F at just the right moment, when the red light is off, to safely remove the fuse. Some fuses will cycle between on and off states at different rates, so watch the lights carefully before removing the fuse.

After all three fuses have been removed, you will be able to detach the power generator. Additionally, you can check if it's safe to remove the generator by looking at the three lights around it. If any of these are still on, that means it is still unsafe to remove the power generator.

Although the fuses are disconnected, and the power generator is detached from the wall, it's still dangerous to move. Similar to removing the reactor, you'll want to clear a path between the generator and the barge before you detach it, to reduce the chance of bumping it into other objects, which can damage the component. Clear away ship panels and make a path to the barge before you remove the power generator.

When you have a path cleared, slowly remove the power generator and lower it into the barge, being careful to not pull it too quickly towards yourself. After the power generator is safely in the barge, you can return to salvaging the rest of the ship.

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