Hand Cannon Nerfs, Fusion Rifle Buffs As Destiny 2’s Season Of The Splicer Patch Goes Live

Season of the Splicer has arrived with its Fallen babies, over 40 new and reprised weapons, as well as a brand new story involving a friendly alien. It also has brought with it a ton of changes to Destiny 2’s weapons, starting with a nerf to the Crucible’s meta weapon.

Aggressive (120 RPM) Hand Cannons have received the bulk of Season of the Splicer’s nerfs. Damage and aim assist falloff distance have both been reduced by 2-4 meters, depending on your gun’s range. This effectively halves the range these weapons received at the start of Beyond Light, but this still gives them a longer range than other Hand Cannons.

Swords are also getting nerfed, with the Falling Guillotine’s heavy attack ammo cost rising by 50%. This is the second nerf that Vortex Frame Swords have received after going several seasons as the go-to damage dealer for up-close and personal boss fights, but this time we might finally see Falling Guillotine give way to the new class-specific swords.

On the buff side, Precision Frame (450 RPM) Auto Rifles have received a damage boost per bullet, going from 17 to 18 damage. Linear Fusion Rifles have also had their precision damage increased by 15% and their ammo reserves buffed by 20%, leading some to believe that Season of the Splicer will bring a Linear Fusion Rifle meta in PvE. Regular Fusion Rifles have also had their range increased slightly so that a 0-range stat weapon has an extra two meters before damage falloff starts.

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Quickdraw’s weapon handling bonus has been reduced to one second, Frenzy’s bonus damage has been reduced from 20% to 15%, and Reservoir Burst’s full-battery bonus damage has been reduced from 33% to 25%. Yes, the new Ritual weapon is basically Loaded Question 2.0, with two perks to choose from in both columns.

Season of the Splicer brings a new Stasis Aspect for those who’ve purchased Beyond Light as well as new Stasis-based bounties from the main vendors. The first quest will take you to Ada-1 who brings the brand new armor transmog system, and the new HELM has been updated with all new Splicer-inspired loot.

However, it seems that some players are having difficulty logging in following the patch. Bungie has announced an extension to server maintenance which could mean more “honeydew” errors over the next few hours.

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