Halo Star Pablo Schreiber Not Threatened By The Mandalorian’s Helmeted Hero

Master Chief is the imposing, physically formidable protagonist of the Halo games, a figure of few words who can act as a cipher for the player. Adapting such a figure from the player-directed world of video games into the medium of movies and TV proved an exceptional challenge.

Hollywood took an interest in adapting the game series into something suited to the big screen, but it hit multiple stumbling blocks, and even changed medium as it went from a movie project to a TV show. Further evidence of the difficulty, the upcoming Halo series has had three showrunners, including Kyle Killen and Steven Kane before settling on the current helmsman David Weiner. But the man hired to play Master Chief stayed constant throughout this process, and that's Canadian actor Pablo Schreiber.

You might have caught Schreiber in American Gods as Mad Sweeney, or in Orange Is The New Black as George 'Pornstache' Mendez, but his face will soon be seen in the upcoming Paramount+ Halo series – or, rather, rarely seen.

The 43-year-old, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, said that approaching the character of Master Chief represented a departure from his previous roles, describing it as a "very tight box" and the challenge of "trying to find the sweet spot of restraint and figure out this guy's inner life".

Halo's first season will feature nine episodes, and has already been greenlit for a second season, but audiences may have already seen a helmeted hero in the form of Disney's The Mandalorian, which features a character who also rarely takes off his helmet and whose face the audience sees only a couple of times.

Schreiber pointed out that the popularity of the Star Wars spin-off could translate to success for his series as well and showed off his knowledge of the Spartans. In the Hollywood Reporter article he said, "The Mandalorian is always helmeted and has to remain that way. In Halo, the Spartans take their helmet off a ton – it's only Master Chief's face you haven't seen before".

Pablo Schreiber does have an advantage standing in that bulky Master Chief bodysuit with his 6' 5" frame likely helping the actor to win the role, but the Canadian (who is the half brother of Sabretooth actor Liev Schreiber) says donning that bulky costume posed its own challenge. While the suit is supposed to enhance a Spartan's capabilities, the actor said that "in reality, it's the opposite".

"It's a challenge to manipulate a cumbersome costume and find ways to shoot it so it looks like you're super capable", Schreiber said.

Audiences will soon be able to see how effectively the actor was able to pull off the "50 pounds of plastic" as Halo debuts on Paramount+ on March 24. Stay tuned to TheGamer for more on Halo as we approach this date.

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