Halo Infinite: How To Quickly Level The Battle Pass

Halo Infinite's surprise multiplayer launch is mainly well-received, with some highlighted issues from the community, such as the game's challenge system, lack of playlists, and a few more things that have the hardcore fanbase up in arms. However, even with its problems, 343 Industries have made significant improvements to its Battle Pass and have since promised more updates to come in time.

While the Battle Pass can still take some time to get through, the pace is much faster than before, allowing you to gain multiple levels within a few days instead of an entire week. But, with a few more adjustments to how you focus on challenges, EXP boosts, and modes, you can gain vastly more experience than ever before.

EXP Boosts And Bot Bootcamp

Due to the complaints of the Battle Pass, the 2x EXP Boosts now last for an entire hour instead of 30 minutes, allowing you to complete many more challenges and matches before it expires. However, what if we told you that using your EXP Boosts on challenges was a mistake and should only be used once per day?

A recent update to the daily challenges now allows players to earn up to 1,000 experience points a day by simply playing six matches, with no challenges or wins required. And, the best part, you don't even have to jump into the game's PvP modes to gather that sweet, sweet experience.

What we recommend doing is to wait for the Daily Reset to occur (10 am PST/1 pm EST), pop a 2x EXP Boost, and head into Bot Bootcamp. Bot Bootcamp matches are quick, easy, and almost guarantee you a total payout of 2,000 EXP a day with a 2xp Boost enabled, which is quite a lot in Halo Infinite. Not only can you do this every day, but you can also try to get specific challenges done during the process (more information on that below).


The challenge system is divisive but is one of the few ways to earn tons of experience in the game. While we do not recommend using 2x EXP boosts on challenges unless you are 100% sure you can get them done in a timely matter, we have some tips for you to get more of them done without the headache of hoping the RNG Gods bless you in your next match.

If you have challenges that you can complete in Bot Bootcamp, try getting them done when doing the above step to gain much more experience. For starters, if a challenge does not end with "in PvP," it means you can complete it in Bot Bootcamp, which should alleviate some stress. However, as mentioned earlier, if you believe you can finish the challenges you have in the next match, using a 2x EXP boost isn't a terrible idea. Just be sure before using it. Nothing's worse than wasting a finite resource.

Additionally, if you have a challenge you may not like or find near-impossible to complete, you can always reroll them (more on that below). You may also have challenges centered around "Play x amount of Ranked Matches" or "Play 3 Quick Play Matches." Always keep these challenges, as they are easy to complete and don't require anything other than your participation.

Rerolling Challenges

Challenges that are vehicle-specific or ones that require you to play a particular game mode should always get rerolled if you can do so. The reason for rerolling challenges that require specific modes or vehicles to complete is due to the game's current RNG system, making it near impossible to predict your next match. Until more playlists and modes get introduced into the multiplayer, we strongly urge rolling a brand new challenge.

For example, if your challenge is "Get a kill with the Oddball in PvP," there's no way you can queue up for a game of Oddball and must hope you get it instead of Capture the Flag, Slayer, or Strongholds. And your odds aren't necessarily great there. Furthermore, there's no guarantee you will even get to kill someone with the Oddball when you eventually get into a lobby. Everything about that challenge is up to chance, so we recommend swapping it for something (hopefully) better.

Post Challenges

What is there to do after you have completed the Weekly Challenges? Well, the short answer is "You have to wait until next week." But, if you take on the Bot Bootcamp strategy from above, you can at least earn a hefty 1,000 to 2,000 EXP a day, which isn't terrible.

Although, if you are just having fun, playing matches with your friends, or like the challenge of climbing the tiers of Ranked, you can earn EXP from each completed game, which will eventually add up. Although, after the six matches, you will only get rewarded with 50 EXP for finishing a game, so don't expect drastic gains unless you play A LOT of Halo Infinite a day.

"Do I Owe You Money?!"

If all else fails, you can throw money at the screen to skip tiers in the Battle Pass. This is certainly not an ideal method, but it is technically the fastest way to do it. And, while we are in no position to tell you how to spend your money, we strongly suggest only doing this if you have the means to as you will more than likely reach the max level of the pass before Season 2, which now starts in May.

Don't sweat the pass. It will always be there to complete. Halo Infinite will gradually receive updates that will make completing challenges and progressing through the Battle Pass much easier and faster than it currently is. We recommend only paying to skip tiers if it is feasible for you.

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