Halo Infinite Fans Bring Mass Effect, Titanfall, And More To The Game With Forge

Halo Infinite launched more than six months ago, but it did so without a co-op campaign or Forge. Beta testing has begun for the former, and that has inadvertently offered up an opportunity for some to try the latter. Members of the Halo community have been finding their way into Infinite's Forge and taking it for a test ride, and some of the creations they've been sharing are pretty special.

For those unfamiliar with Forge, the mode has been a popular part of the Halo series for well over a decade. It allows creative players to make their own maps, and from what has been shown off by those who have already managed to use it, the options in Infinite's Forge are more in-depth than ever. Some of the clips being shared online include Halo-based recreations of everything from Mass Effect's Citadel to a Titanfall gauntlet.

If you have seen any of the Infinite Forge creations shared online over the course of the past week or so, there's a high probability EliteFalcon created them. The YouTuber was responsible for the fantastic-looking Stranger Things Upside Down build. They have since created another map based on Raccoon City, which might be their best work yet, and another set in Alien Isolation, suggesting it be used to play Infection which is effectively Halo's take on Zombies.

Speaking of zombies, Negative_Tangelo_131 has used Forge to recreate a Call Of Duty Zombies map and shared it on Reddit. The map even comes complete with pack-a-punch machines which seem to have gone down very well with many of those who have seen it. That and the fact some of these creations will likely be available on both PC and console once Forge is officially added to Infinite, hopefully before the end of 2022. That's what sets the mode apart from regular modding which is usually only available to PC players.

Despite a number of people having fun with Forge already, there's still no official word on when it will launch or even when its beta test will be available. Just the continued hope it will be a part of season three. Co-op campaign's arrival still appears to be on track, although it was revealed this week that it will not include online matchmaking.

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