Halo Infinite: Every Spartan Core Location In The Second Region

To fully max out your upgrades for each piece of equipment that you gather in Halo Infinite, you need to find crates containing Spartan Cores. Since there are 45 of these collectibles to discover across Zeta Halo, we’ve split up their locations to make it a little easier to track them down.

This guide will help you find every core that’s scattered across the second region of Infinite’s rather expansive map. You should have full access to the second region of the map after you complete the story mission called The Tower. There are 14 Spartan Cores to find in this section of Zeta Halo.

Spartan Core Locations

South of where you'll rescue Cobra Squad is where you'll find the first core. There will be a Propaganda Tower here that you can destroy. Blow this tower up and look around the area for a cave lit up with green light. Go through this cave and at the end will be a room with your core.

Northeast of the marker on the map for the Foundation mission and southwest of Paladin Squad, you'll find this core up in the mountains. Grappleshot your way up and you'll encounter a Brute riding around in a Brute Chopper. You can and should Grappleshot the Chopper and kick the Brute out of it. Deal with any other enemies and take your core.

Southeast of FOB Alpha will be a Propaganda Tower near a sheer drop. Jump off the ledge and you'll be at a compound guarded by Banished troops and auto-turrets. The building that has the Spartan Core will be closed off with no entrance. Take out all the baddies and enter the building here that does have an open doorway. There will likely be an invisible Elite with an Energy Sword inside. Once you're in here you should see a hole in the floor you can drop down. Travel through the underground tunnels while smashing any enemies or turrets down there. You'll eventually reach a grav lift that will take you up into that sealed building. Kill the enemies inside and claim your core.

Head to the Armory Of Reckoning. While you're destroying the Ammo Printers, look for the tunnel above that has these X-shaped objects blocking it. Go down this tunnel, kill the enemies inside, and the core will be at the end.

This core is found around the area of the mission called Excavation Site. It's on a cliff just slightly southwest of the building where you have a boss fight with a Brute named Bassus.

Then, underneath that boss fight building slightly southeast of the mission marker for Excavation Site, you'll find this core in this small garage on the second level.

At the Redoubt Of Sundering outpost, you should be able to find this core pretty easily as it's just sitting out in the open. It's slightly northeast of this outpost's marker on the map.

Head north of Redoubt Of Sundering and this core will be inside of some cylinder-shaped wreckage surrounded by empty Banished drop pods.

Once you arrive at the Forge Of Teash outpost, you can find this core inside one of the Repair Bays that you have to sabotage on the second level. It's east of this outpost's marker on the map.

This core will be inside of a Forerunner structure northwest of a High-Value Target named Ik 'Novus.

This core is also in a Forerunner structure that's northeast of FOB Bravo. This one takes a little bit of work to get inside. You'll see the top of the structure and the entrance will be in the rock face below. However, the door will be red and the console to open it will be inside and inaccessible. Head east of this door toward the edge of this island and you should find an open entranceway. Make your way through the structure while shooting every enemy you come across. The core will be at the end on a platform.

There is a core hidden away at the Horn Of Abolition outpost. It will be inside of a crashed ship a little southwest of this outpost's marker on the map.

This core is very well hidden. Head to the point on the map above that's southeast of the marker for the story mission called Spire. When you get there, you'll notice that it seems to be a dead-end leading to a cliff. The core is actually far below you in a small cave within the hexagonal pillars. Jump down and you should see a single pillar you can land on. Be careful as there will be an armored Brute with a Plasma Turret and some Grunts waiting for you here. Kill them and grab the core.

The final core of this region is found west of the marker for the Spire mission. You'll find it behind the wreckage of a USNC ship.

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