Halo Infinite Datamine Indicates Griffball And Infection Are Making A Return

Halo Infinite Dataminers have found medals that reference Griffball, King of the Hill, Infection, and Extraction.

Although the reception to Halo Infinite has been largely universally positive, there are a few areas where fans aren't too pleased. One of those is the lack of game modes and playlists in multiplayer, which was recently remedied a bit by adding Slayer and Tactical Slayer, but still remains as one of the things that need improving.

It looks like that's going to be less of an issue in the near future, however. Reliable Halo leaker, HaloNoticiasMX, has datamined Infinite to find medals that point towards classic game modes making a return. HaloNoticias previously datamined several meme-based emblems and outfits within Infinite from the first two technical tests.

The biggest surprises of this datamine are that Infection and Griffball look set to make a return. One of the medals, Reclaimer, shows what looks to be a large bat, which is a clear reference to Griffball. If you don't know what that is, it's a mode that was invented by Red vs. Blue that was added to Halo from Halo 3 onwards. It's basically rugby but with Energy Swords and Gravity Hammers. Another one, Interception, shows a ball being bounced away.

As for Infection, there are several datamined medals that are clear references to the popular mode. One of the medals shows a Spartan looking at a zombie skull, whilst another, The Sickness, simply shows a radiation sign. One of the medals even shows a Spartan kicking down a zombie.

Some of the other modes that look set to make a return based on the medals and their names include King of the Hill, thanks to the medal called "Clash of Kings", Extraction, hinted at by the medals "Secure Line" and "Signal Block", and possibly some sort of Assault mode, if the "Saboteur" medal is anything to go by.

It's not clear when to expect these game modes, as Halo Infinite has a ton of datamined content that isn't present in the game yet, but it's clear that the modes are in the works.

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