Half-Life Alyx On Track, New Oculus Quest Peripherals || VRecap

This week has seen plenty of interesting stories, but we’ve rounded up just three of them for you because that’s how you love to consume information. We’ve seen updates from the Valve’s 80-strong Half-Life: Alyx team on Reddit, the death potential death of a certain 3-DOF headset, and a couple of incredible Quest periherals.

Half-Life: Alyx could have fallen prey to the number of recent game delays, but the Valve devs who took to Reddit in an AMA assured us otherwise. We reported on some of their top comments, including the fact the game was on track, and that you could put buckets on headcrabs and that it was hilarious. We also learned that it was too scary for some of the devs.

The Oculus Go seems to be dying a slow and painful death, with each of its lifelines being cut off one by one. Ouch. This week, Go has been dropped from the Oculus for Business platform, with all of those efforts now put into Quest. It is entirely understandable (and very much welcome, to be honest).

Despite everyone’s love for Quest, you’re all looking for those extra add-ons to make it a truly luxury standalone headset, and this week saw two. First was ONG Industry’s Touch controller charger stations, which replace the battery covers with their own magnetised versions to enable simple battery charging. Second, the VR Power battery pack is now heavily backordered (and you can read Tatjana’s full impressions from CES here.)

There are plenty of stories that didn’t make it into the VRecap, which you can see here:

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We’ll catch you same time next week with a round-up of the week’s top stories – see ya!

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