Hades: How To Get The True Ending

The early access version of Hades was packed with so much content that, in many ways, it felt odd that the game hadn’t been fully released until just recently. There were hours and hours of content in the game, plenty of weapons, customization options, unlocks, and just about everything else you’d want from a highly polished rogue-like game. The only real notable exception was a true ending. Now, with an official 1.0 release, Supergiant has allowed us to finally see the conclusion to Zagreus’ quest…at least until you start your next run. Here’s how you can unlock the true ending, plus extreme measures 4 while you’re at it.

How To Get The True Ending In Hades

It should go without saying considering the entire purpose of this guide, but there will be full spoilers ahead for the ending of Hades. We will fully spoil the final boss and everything story related beyond it.

Defeat Hades

The final boss has, even before the final release, always been Zagreus’ father, Hades. Obviously you will need to fight your way all the way to Hades and defeat him. But, in typical rogue-like fashion, beating the final boss once is essentially just the beginning.

Prior to the full release, defeating Hades was the last thing you could do. Even upon winning, Zagreus would still be killed and sent all the way back down into the House of Hades to make his climb all over again. That’s no longer true, and instead of being thrust back to the start, you will instead be brought to an entirely new area, Greece.

Greece isn’t a new level exactly, there are no mobs or challenges here (although you can go fishing if you like) and only one NPC to interact with. This NPC is none other than Persephone, Zagreus’ mother. They will share some dialogue where you will learn more about her history with Hades and the other Gods of Olympus, but Zagreus unfortunately cannot remain in the realm of the living for long enough to hear her entire story.

Defeat Hades…Again And Again

In the end you will be put back at the start as always, charged with repeating your attempts at escape, only now you know what is waiting for you on the surface. To get the true ending you will need to exhaust all of Persephone’s dialogue with Zagreus, which means speaking to her a total of ten times, including the first. That also means toppling Hades 9 more times.

Thankfully you don’t need to win all these runs consecutively. Each time you make it to Greece you’ll get another piece of the story, just like how other NPC’s stories revealed themselves to you over time. But, once you’re on your tenth attempt, you won’t need to fight Hades this last time. He’ll let you pass and speak to Persephone this final time without a fight.

Speak to her to learn that she’s ready to come back to the Underworld and enjoy the fantastic musical score as the credits roll over the two of them riding Charon’s ferry down the river Styx. Make sure to speak with her and Hades once you make it back down for some more dialogue.

Post Game

A few more new things unlock with the true ending to keep you busy in the world of Hades even after this ending. Persephone will give you a new Keepsake, the Pom Blossom, to power up, and Extreme Measures 4 will become available to purchase if you complete one additional run. Odds are, though, there’s still plenty more you have yet to do in Hades.

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