HAchubby Creates A Christmas Rap From Scratch

Twitch streamer HAchubby, or Hachu, helped spread holiday cheer by creating an entire holiday-themed rap a few days before Christmas. Decked out in a full Santa Claus outfit, Hachu took up the daunting task of finding loops, recording keyboards, interacting with chat, and recording vocals – and the results were glorious.

She let the chat in on the whole creation process, starting with drum loops and keyboard backing, all the way to lyric writing and recording each verse. The rap’s Christmas-y undertones are pretty infectious. After a “Deck the Halls” intro, she decided to play “Jingle Bells” in a minor mode on the keys, creating a more serious feel. The words she chose were littered with interesting grammar and humor, but nonetheless her delivery was confident and on-the-money.

All-in-all, the entire production was pretty admirable, especially considering she only spent around 3 hours before continuing with chatting and Jump King; Most people were impressed with Hachu’s ability to create an entire track mostly from scratch.

It is often joked about that Hachu is better known as “Korean Streamer” – the joke being she isn’t an individual, just a stereotypical streamer from Korea. She takes her viewer’s jokes in stride, trying her best to practice English on stream – even though the results can be quite confusing.

This isn’t the first time Hachu decided to tear it up on the mic with Twitch-infused humor. About a month ago, she tried her hand at rapping in English and the results were both catchy and comedic.

This rap was a self-parody, centering around the fact that Hachu is often late to her streams due to inconsistent sleep habits. She referenced multiple Twitch emotes in the lyrics, including “Peepofat,” “Pepelaugh,” and “Kappa.” The rap was very well-received by viewers, even becoming subject to an extended fan cover on SoundCloud by an experienced music producer.

Hachu’s streams are honestly a breath of fresh air on Twitch. Her content is well-thought out and extremely entertaining – the hard work she puts into her streams is apparent. Whether she is creating a rap, playing other music, parading around IRL, or chatting with viewers, she has consistently been a great model of how hard work and personality pays off.

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