Guild Wars 2: End Of Dragons – Everything You Need To Know About Unusual Coins

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Unusual Coins are a new item introduced in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. This small blue coin can be found throughout Cantha and can be traded for a variety of items. There are only two places that Unusual Coins can be traded, so you may be a bit confused about what to do with them at first.

In this guide, we are going to go over everything you need to know about Unusual Coins. This will include efficient farming methods and items that you can exchange the coins for. First, let's take a look at the primary method for obtaining Unusual Coins.

Where To Find Unusual Coins

In general, Unusual Coins can be found from opening chests around Cantha. These are chests that appear in the world at the end of jumping puzzles or events, as well as after you interact with a Shrine Guardian Infant.

Depending on how large the chest is, you will get anywhere from one to ten Unusual Coins. This is guaranteed, so if you open up a smaller chest, you will still get at least one coin.

Achievements That Reward Unusual Coins

In addition to opening chests, you will be rewarded with Unusual Coins as you complete achievements.

These three achievements listed below involve finding Shrine Guardian Infants and will reward three Unusual Coins for each tier. All three achievements have five tiers, meaning that you will receive 15 Unusual Coins after completing one of the achievements.

Achievement Requirements
Spiritual Childcare Find all 38 Shrine Guardian Infants in Seitung Province
Little Foxes in the Big City Find all 35 Shrine Guardian Infants in New Kaineng City
What Did the Shrine Guardians Say? Find all 35 Shrine Guardian Infants in the Echovald Wilds

Farming Unusual Coins

There are a few different ways to efficiently farm Unusual Coins, which we will go over below.

Jumping Puzzles

One quick way to easily the coins is by completing jumping puzzles. The Trial of the Tengu jumping puzzle in Seitung Province requires you to do a bit of extra work to open the chest at the end, but you can quickly complete the puzzle and open it.

The Wind through the Walls jumping puzzle in New Kaineng City is a great jumping puzzle to farm Unusual Coins from. The chest at the end of this puzzle can be opened once a day and is tied to your character, rather than your account.

This means that you will be able to complete this on other characters and even 'park' a character right at the chest. When you log in to this character the following day, you will be right at the chest and can immediately open it.

Spirit Hunting

This method of farming Unusual Coins is a bit more tedious, but if you are trying to complete the Shrine Guardian achievements listed above, you can passively collect the coins.

For example, as you play with the spirits in Seitung Province, you will open 38 different chests that all contain at least one Unusual Coin. In addition to this, you will get a total of 15 coins from the achievement itself.

After completing the Spiritual Childcare, you will have made at least 50 Unusual Coins.

Trading Unusual Coins With Chin-Hwa

There are two vendors that accept Unusual Coins. First, we have Chin-Hwa.

This is a vendor found directly east of the Daigo Ward Waypoint. Chin-Hwa appears at the little icon of Unusual Coins on the map, making him easy to spot.

At this vendor, you can buy the following items.

Ancient Canthan Armors

These armor pieces all have Ritualist's stats, which provide an increase in vitality, condition damage, concentration, and expertise.

  • Heavy Armor
    • Ancient Canthan Gambeson
    • Ancient Canthan Gauntlets
    • Ancient Canthan Greaves
    • Ancient Canthan Helm
    • Ancient Canthan Jacket
  • Light Armor
    • Ancient Canthan Light Boots
    • Ancient Canthan Light Gloves
    • Ancient Canthan Light Helm
    • Ancient Canthan Light Leggings
    • Ancient Canthan Light Shoulderpads
    • Medium Armor
      • Ancient Canthan Medium Boots
      • Ancient Canthan Medium Gloves
      • Ancient Canthan Medium Helm
      • Ancient Canthan Medium Leggings
      • Ancient Canthan Medium Shoulderpads
      • Ancient Canthan Spaulders
      • Ancient Canthan Tunic
      • Each of these items costs 50 silver, as well as 50 to 100 Unusual Coins.

        Enchanted Ancient Canthan Armor Recipes

        These recipes each cost five Unusual Coins and unlock once you get the associated Ancient Canthan Armor Piece.

        For example, to unlock the Ancient Tahkayan Boots, you will first need to buy the Ancient Canthan Medium Boots on the first tab.

        Each armor class has a different name, which you can find below.

        • Heavy Armor: Kraken
        • Light Armor: Ritualist
        • Medium Armor: Tahkayan

        On this tab, you will also be able to purchase the recipe for the Ritualist's Intricate Gossamer Insignia for five Unusual Coins.

        Shadow Serpent Weapons

        Shadow Serpent weapon recipes can be purchased for five Unusual Coins each.

        To purchase one, you will first need the associated Flame Serpent Weapon skin. These are Canthan-themed weapons that you earn after completing events in each of the four Canthan maps. You can also purchase Flame Serpent weapons from the Trading Post.

        Monastery Armor

        Monastery armor has Harrier stats, providing power, healing, and concentration. On this tab, you can purchase a recipe for each piece of armor, costing five Unusual Coins each.

        Additionally, you will be able to purchase the Jade Insignia of the Harrier used in crafting for ten Unusual Coins and five gold.

        Other Items To Trade

        Lastly, you can purchase the following items from Chin-Hwa.

        Item What Is It? Price
        Jade Runestone Legendary Crafting Material 200 Unusual Coins
        Recipe: Exquisite Polished Resin Jewel Exotic Accessory Recipe 5 Unusual Coins
        Recipe: Polished Resin Orichalcum Amulet Exotic Accessory Recipe 5 Unusual Coins
        Polished Resin Orichalcum Earring Exotic Accessory Recipe 5 Unusual Coins
        Polished Resin Orichalcum Ring Exotic Accessory Recipe 5 Unusual Coins

        Trading In Arborstone

        Arborstone is a hub location in Cantha. This sanctuary can be upgraded through mastery, which brings in new vendors.

        With the Globalization mastery unlocked, the vendor Leivas will sell Antique Summoning Stones. Each week, he will sell five for a variety of materials, including ten Unusual Coins. This is a rare item, so be sure to buy them each week.

        That's all there is to know about Unusual Coins. Don't forget to open any chest you see to build up your coin collection!

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