Guardians Of The Galaxy game did used to have multiplayer reveals ex-developer

The LinkedIn account of a former Eidos-Montréal director shows that he used to be in charge of Guardians Of The Galaxy’s multiplayer mode.

Square Enix’s unveiling of Guardians Of The Galaxy was one of the biggest announcements of E3 but there was something very odd about a game based on a team of such diverse characters where you only ever get to control one of them.

As soon as it was announced we questioned whether it had been redesigned in light of the failure of Avengers, in order to try and avoid that game’s many problems, and it seems as if that might be exactly what happened.

A fan on forum ResetEra noticed that the LinkedIn page of former Eidos-Montréal developer Simon Larouche lists his role at the company as ‘Online Gameplay Director – Multiplayer (cancelled)’, which seems to prove that at one point the game did have multiplayer options.

There’s no indication of what those options were exactly, but given the nature of the licence, and how the game looks now, presumably you were able to have other players join in as some of the other characters.

That would mean that the characters, like Gamora and Drax, were designed to be playable, with their own move-sets and abilities, but everything shown so far suggests you can now only play as Star-Lord.

Whether there also used to be microtransactions or battle passes in the game is impossible to tell but it does seem as if somewhere along the line there was a fairly radical redesign.

The other interesting thing to come from the discovery is that Larouche is now at Horizon Forbidden West developer Guerrilla Games, where he is game director on a ‘secret game’.

Guerrilla has been staffing up for some time now, and last summer moved into new offices, so it’s no surprise to find out they have more than one game on the go, although this is the first time there’s been any direct proof of it.

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