GTFO Goes From 500 Players To Over 9,000 After The Game Awards

GTFO has just celebrated its first weekend since officially coming out of early access, and judging by the numbers, it's been a massive success. Since releasing its 1.0 update, GTFO has gone from averaging around 500 players per day to almost 10,000 and it's achieved a new peak player count of over 11,000.

That's all according to Steamcharts, which tracks the performance of every game on Steam. As you can see, GTFO was slowly dwindling ever since peaking at over 5,000 concurrent players when the game was first released into Steam Early Access in December of 2019. There have been a few jumps that coincided with major updates, but the biggest of them all was easily the one that happened just after last Thursday when developer 10 Chambers announced GTFO was getting its 1.0 release.

For those who haven't given GTFO a try, it's a tough-as-nails co-op shooter where players have to delve into a giant underground complex in order to retrieve technology for a mysterious entity known only as "The Warden." You play as one of four prisoners sent into The Complex to retrieve items guarded by sleeping monsters, requiring everyone to stealthily sneak past lest they wake the ravening hordes.

Of course, getting through to the end without triggering some sort of ancient alarm is highly unlikely. Often you'll find yourself fighting your way out with a very limited number of bullets.

GTFO’s launch trailer does a pretty good job of describing the game’s dark and desperate vibe. Check it out if you didn’t stay up late to watch it at The Game Awards.

The Game Awards had plenty of other announcements, but if you're really into the whole dark horror aesthetic, then Slitterhead is likely to be the game that'll most catch your attention. Keiichiro Toyama, the creator of Silent Hill and Siren, has returned with a brand new horror game that'll put you in a rundown metropolis full of terrifying monsters.

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