GTA 6 update: PlayStation and Xbox fans discuss latest Rockstar Games hints

Rockstar Games fans are wondering if a joke found in-game might be offering another hint about GTA 6. The famous studio hasn’t started talking about its next major project, which is rumoured to be heading to PS5 and Xbox Series X. The latest reports suggest we could be waiting until 2021 to play GTA 6, although this remains unverified. And being without any solid information, fans are looking to find any clues they think might point to the big Grand Theft Auto reveal.

Rockstar Games are big fans of Easter eggs and it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that they added a few teasers into GTA 5.

While the studio may not have announced GTA 6 yet, there’s no doubt that development is currently ongoing.

And while we may have to wait for an official announcement, that doesn’t stop a few playful clues being shared now and again.

As with all fan theories and Easter egg spots, most of it is up to the interpretation of those looking around.

The latest detail being flagged by fans is an advert found in GTA 5 for a smuggling company.

The “Six Figure Temps” website offers information on the company, which operates out of Central and Southern America.


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It’s an obvious joke, and one of many that can be found in-game when looking at a billboard or on your phone.

But the references to drug smuggling and South America have fans wondering if this is a cheeky nod to the next Grand Theft Auto.

This would mean the “Six” in Six Figure Temps would be a clue pointing toward the release of GTA 6.

As ever, fans have their own take on this latest find, with not everyone agreeing if it could mean anything.

“Lots of people have been getting mad at posts like this for ‘over-speculation,’ however, we can’t just keep shooting down every speculation post just because they might be reaching a little bit,” one user writes in a post on Reddit.

“If it wasn’t for posts like this, some of the real hints we’ve seen wouldn’t have been discovered.

“I’m glad people are still playing GTAV and searching for hints at the next game because eventually, someone is actually going to find a real hint, if it’s not already happened.”

It’s a good point as gamers can genuinely find brilliant Easter eggs in games that can offer clues for the future.

But for this clue to work, it would mean that past references and rumours to GTA 6 being based in several locations, some in South America, would have to be correct.

And for now, there is no solid proof of that, at least until Rockstar Games make its own announcement.

If recent rumours prove correct, we could see Rockstar announce the launch of GTA 6 later in 2020. But that wouldn’t mean the game would be hitting shelves this year.

That would happen in 2021, making the chances of the next Grand Theft Auto title being a next-gen exclusive only available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X, very likely.

Rockstar has been linked to a few other titles in recent months, such as a Bully sequel for current-gen consoles. But since the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, news has been sparse on what will be coming next.

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