GTA 5 Online UPDATE: Grand Theft Auto Casino release date latest for PS4 and Xbox One

GTA 5 Online gamers are waiting to find out more about Rockstar’s next major expansion, which will open the doors to the Casino for the first time.

From predictions shared by data miners and news from Rockstar themselves, it seems we could see the next big expansion arrive in July 2019.

Big GTA Online news is usually shared on Thursdays, meaning July 4 might be the next time we hear more about the launch schedule.

However, it should also be noted that this is a Federal holiday in the United States, meaning that Rockstar may choose to share it on another date.

Fans were still holding out hope for news this week but found out more about the normal bonuses coming to the game instead.

The good news is that competing against up to 29 other cars in Hotring Circuit Races can net you 3X GTA$ & RP all week long.

There is also Double Payouts and Rewards on all Rockstar Stunt Races and Time Trials, running all the way through July 3rd.

So even if we don’t hear more about the new GTA 5 Online Casino launch, it seems pretty likely we will get some more bonuses, starting July 4.

One data miner shared an interesting tidbit concerning an unused font in GTA Online that could be popping very soon.

Twitter user Hubfex revealed: “GTAV Casino Dots” is an unused font, found in the GTA files. It should be used for slot machines. Maybe we will see it next weeks in GTA Online.”

And special new fonts will likely be just one of a number of new changes coming to the game with the new Casino expansion.

We already know that there will be plenty of new table games to choose from, as well as new shops to visit and activities to enjoy.

Earlier in June, Rockstar Games confirmed that the GTA Casino would be “opening soon” in a teaser tweet.

This was followed by an official post, revealing that the new GTA 5 map location would be called the Diamond Casino & Resort.

Rockstar said the casino will “feature lavish amenities, exclusive shopping, first-class entertainment and state-of-the-art gaming facilities”.

It was also confirmed that the GTA 5 Casino would have a release date “later this summer”.

Rockstar will need to balance their plans with Red Dead Online, which is also scheduled to get a new update soon.

This leaves a large release window open, although that doesn’t mean the dev team will take their time.

Grand Theft Auto fans have been waiting a long time for new content and will be especially interested in the Casino.

This location was expected to be made part of the multiplayer mode years ago, but nothing was ever revealed about its inclusion.

So there will be plenty of hype surrounding what will be included in this upcoming DLC release.

Some fans are speculating that horse races could be part of the activities, along with being able to buy a stake in the Casino itself.

Rockstar Games like to share the big details about their multiplayer expansions before they are released, meaning we could hear something very soon.

Fans will also be looking out for the next vehicles arriving in-game, with the Casino expansion offering the chance to add some really unique items to the game.

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