GTA 5 Online brand new Casino Heist DLC coming sooner than you think!

In a fairly recent interview with Rockstar North's co-studio head, Rob Nelson told told PCGamer that more GTA Online content will be dropping into the game sooner rather than later.

Nelson didn't reveal specifically what will be coming in that update, but thanks to some newly uncovered information found in data-strings within the game, we have some preliminary ideas about what could be coming to the massively successful online sandbox.

This new update seems to build on the theory that we're going to see the cut Cops 'N' Crooks update eventually land in GTA Online, too.

Infamous GTA oracle and internet sleuth TezFunz2 has posted in the GTA Online Forums that the latest update to the Online portion of the game came with some interesting data hidden in the code.

"Rockstar added the two variables that handle the casino security van random encounter," noted Tez.

"[The] first variable would disable this random encounter if enabled, for now it's disabled. [The] second variable lets you decide how many security guards you see in the casino."

But what does that mean, and why is it important? Well, Tez suggests it's the start of another slow build-up to the release of content.

Remember how we saw the Casino slowly start to come together in-game – that the construction of the building lasted a period of months, in-game, teasing the launch of the new content?

Well the same thing could happen again – except this time, we'll see events start to occur within the casino.

"This is probably how Rockstar is gonna hint towards the next DLC," writes Tez. "They will make it look like the Casino is pumping with lots of money and you would see lots of security guards moving the money to the vault.

"Then at some point, it will stop and that may happen when we are so close to the DLC release."

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What does that suggest for the future of GTA Online content? It could mean we're going to get a Casino heist at some point soon.

"It seems like every update was based on an idea of something that was cut a long time ago," continues Tez elsewhere in the thread.

The writer theorises that the next update for the DLC could come from the cut Casino Heist part of the single-player DLC.

"We knew [the Diamond Casino] was cut content and been talking about it since 2014," Tex explains. "Arena War was the cut Maze Bank Arena interior" and "After Hours' next-gen files had mentions of a dancing minigame, and had the cut Bahamas Mamas interior."

We definitely know more content is coming to the game, and thanks to Nelson's comments in that PC Gamer interview, we can safely infer it's probably going to be a new Heist, too – backing up Tez' theory.

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