GTA 3 remake rumours sparked after Australian listing

The Australian age rating board has just posted a new listing for Grand Theft Auto 3 and nobody seems to know why.

The fact that Rockstar has never remade any of the Grand Theft Auto games, or even offered up proper remasters of any of the mainline ones, still seems bizarre given some of the games that do get remade nowadays – and Rockstar’s essentially infinite funds.

But fans are now hoping that they might finally be getting round to it, after the Australian age rating board mysteriously listed Grand Theft Auto 3 for no apparent reason.

As with this week’s listing for Mafia 2, that that could be for any number of mundane reasons, or some kind of mistake, but with Grand Theft Auto 3’s 18th anniversary coming up next month hopes are high.

Grand Theft Auto 3 was first released on 22 October 2001 on PlayStation 2 and become one of the most influential video games of all time. The previous two games were simple, top-down action games but Grand Theft Auto 3 started the modern era of realistic, open world action adventures.

And yet despite its importance the game has never had a proper remaster, just a revamped mobile version and an enhanced port (i.e. a step below a remaster) on the PlayStation 4.

Since hoping for a full remake is asking a lot, perhaps one of the most likely explanations for the listing is that the enhanced port is being released on the Xbox One and/or Nintendo Switch.

But any speculation is made more difficult because the Australian age rating board are weird (they’re one of strictest in the world, oddly, and often force changes to games or change age ratings) and so are Rockstar.

The continued success of Grand Theft Auto V means we currently have no idea when they might be thinking of Grand Theft Auto VI or whether they have any interest in revamping any of their older games.

But perhaps we’ll find out on 22 October…

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