Grounded: How To Get Clay

It goes without saying that, in order to survive the grassy open world of Grounded, you're going to need to gather resources. Knowing where to find them, on the other hand, can prove to be a relatively difficult task, especially if you aren't aware of your surroundings. Fortunately, though, resources like Clay can be found without having to stray too far into the unknown.

Of course, to acquire key resources to help you on your travels, you will need to put in some prep work. To obtain Clay, in specific, you will also need a Shovel, which can be built out of select crafting materials. Once collected, Clay can be used to construct a variety of items, including Clay Ramps, Repair Tools, and Weapon Wall Mounts.

How To Get Clay

Clay can be found near any body of water, and can be identified by its reddish color. To collect the stone clumps of Clay, you will need a Shovel, which can be crafted out of the three following resources:

  • X1 Acorn Shell
    • You can obtain an Acorn Shell by venturing to the Great Oak Tree at the northern part of the map. From there, you will need to look for an acorn at the base of the tree. After finding one, smash it with your hammer to retrieve the Acorn Shell.
  • X2 Sprig
    • Sprigs are a common plant that can be found anywhere on the map. You can pick the resource by simply standing near and interacting with them. You only need two of these to make the Shovel.
    • X2 Woven Fiber
      • Woven Fiber is an item that can be crafted by combining three Plant Fiber together. Fortunately, Plant Fiber can be found all over the map, and can be collected by chopping down grass or interacting with small plants. Once you have collected enough Plant Fiber, you will need to head to the Field Station and interact with the Resource Analyzer. Analyzing the Plant Fiber will unlock the Woven Fiber recipe.
      • Once you have crafted a Shovel, simply walk up to a clump of Clay, smash it, and collect the leftover pieces.

        Where To Find Clay

        The best place to look for Clay in Grounded is around the puddles of rainwater that can be found almost anywhere on the map. It is also known to build up in the southeast part of the map, right around the sprinklers. Apart from this, you can also find Clay in the following zones:

        • Black Anthill
        • Grasslands
        • Flooded Zone
        • Pond Lab
        • Pond Caves
        • Pond Depths
        • Koi Pond
        • Woodpile

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