GreedFall: Guide to Romancing Vasco

As you explore Teer Fradee while playing GreedFall, you might find that your character gets a little lonely and might want some companionship. Like many great RPGs, GreedFall offers romance options for players to pursue. There are four companions in total this applies to, but some cannot be romanced depending on the gender of De Sardet.

In order to successfully romance a character, you must complete three personal quests that they ask of you, and give the correct conversational answers during each quest’s ending dialogue. If you’re looking to romance Vasco and earn the “Love and the Sea” achievement/trophy, we’ve got all the information you need just below.

Who is Vasco?

Vasco is a Captain and a member of the rather secretive sea-faring faction called the Nauts. Vasco takes De Sardet to Teer Fradee aboard his ship, but it isn’t until you arrive in New Serene’s port that he becomes an official companion. Vasco is bisexual, so he can be romanced by either a male or female De Sardet.

Vasco’s job role is a duelist, he uses one-handed blades and pistols and specializes in poison-coated weapons to give an extra bite to his attacks. While his defense is a bit lacking, Vasco has great agility and accuracy.

Personal Quest 1

“A Name for the Family” is the first personal quest that Vasco offers and it becomes available after you first meet Constantin in New Serene. Vasco asks for you to help him infiltrate the Harbour Master’s Office so that he might discover more about his past.

You’ll need four sleeping potions, which you can buy from the merchant in New Serene or choose to craft yourself. Additionally, having Kurt in your party for this is useful as he has the option to order Dieter to use the sleeping potions.

Completing this quest grants 1000 EXP and increases your reputation and relationship with Vasco. When speaking with Vasco, be sure to choose the “Ask him if he has any happy memories.” option in order to pursue the romance.

Personal Quest 2

“Family Reunion” is the second quest for Vasco and sees the captain asking De Sardet to help him find his brother. Players should ensure they have a Charisma level of at least two in order to successfully threaten the debt collectors during this quest.

Completing this quest grants 1300 EXP and increases your reputation and relationship with Vasco. Be sure to choose the “Tell him that this encounter allowed him to assert himself.” dialogue option when speaking to Vasco to progress the romance.

Personal Quest 3

“Forever a Naut” is the final quest given by Vasco, where he asks De Sardet to help him prove himself by overcoming a challenge from the Nauts. Part of this quest has you defeating a boss, and if you have the Stasis skill it makes this boss a little easier as you’ll be able to paralyze it more than once.

Completing this quest gives 1600 EXP and increases your reputation and relationship with the Captain, while Vasco will get a brand new face tattoo. When speaking to Vasco, choose the “Tell him that you wish you could sail with him again.” option.


Once you have completed all three personal quests and given the three correct dialogue options, speaking to Captain Vasco again, which will prompt him to recite poetry to De Sardet and invite them to spend some time alone with him. Agreeing to this begins the romance and unlocks the “Love and the Sea” accolade. Romancing Vasco will grant De Sardet an increase in Intuition.

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