GreedFall: Guide to Romancing Aphra

GreedFall invites players to explore the wide and open world of Teer Fradee, blending together a fantasy world with the 17th century to create a unique and immersive RPG game. One of the fan-favorite elements of the game is that players are able to romance four of their companions, though which of those you can romance depends on the gender you choose for the protagonist De Sardet.

Romancing Aphra will earn you the “Love and Botany” achievement/trophy, and to do this you need to complete her three personal side quests and choose the correct dialogue options when they end. We’ve got all the answers covered for you just below.

Who is Aphra?

Aphra is part of the Bridge Alliance faction and is a renowned naturalist who is studying the plantlife on Teer Fradee. She hopes to find a cure for the malichor on behalf of Governor Burhan. Aphra can only be romanced by a male De Sardet.

Aphra will join the party once the player has completed the main quest “Scholars in the Expedition.” She is a DPS class that specializes in long-ranged combat with the use of her rifle and bombs. She has high strength and accuracy stats.

Personal Quest 1

“Islander Knowledge” is Aphra’s first personal quest, where she asks you to help her find the fabled Cave of Knowledge on the island. This quest will become available after you have completed the main quest called “The Battle of the Red Spears.” Do not take Siora in your party with you for “Islander Knowledge” or you will lose some reputation with her. Despite what Aphra says, it is impossible to avoid being detected near the end of this quest.

Finishing this quest grants the player 1000 EXP and increases your reputation and relationship with Aphra. When speaking with her during the end dialogue scene, you must choose the option “Talk to her about the two youths.” in order to pursue a romance with her.

Personal Quest 2

Aphra’s second personal quest is called “Cave of Knowledge” and it will become available when you spy on the mines during the main quest “The Blood Price.” There is a point in this quest where if your Charisma is not leveled enough, or you don’t have enough coins to pay, you will be forced into a fight, though it is not a difficult one.

Completing this quest grants the player 1000 EXP and increases your reputation and relationship with Aphra. When you speak to her during the dialogue at the end of this quest, be sure to choose the option “Tell her that you feel as if you have learned a lot.” to continue improving your relationship.

Personal Quest 3

The final personal quest for Aphra is called “The Linking Ritual,” which Aphra will offer up to De Sardet once you have completed her previous quest. You’ll have to wait 24 hours before you can go to the ritual with Aphra, so use the nearest campfire to move time forward.

Completing this quest grants 1300 EXP and increases your reputation and relationship with Aphra. When speaking to her at the end of the quest, be sure you choose the option “Tell her you hope that you will be a part of it.” to progress your relationship to the next level with Aphra.


Once all three of Aphra’s personal quests have been completed and you have given the three correct dialogue options at the end of each quest, you just need to speak to her again to move your relationship along. Aphra will express her lack of experience with romance but ask to spend some time alone with you, agreeing begins the romance and unlocks the “Love and Botany” accolade. Romancing Aphra will grant De Sardet an increase in Science.

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