Granblue Fantasy: Versus Is Heading West On March 3, 2020

After what seems like years, Arc System Works has confirmed that Granblue Fantasy: Versus will be heading to the west soon. Launching on March 3, 2020, for PS4, the anime-inspired fighter will come in not only a standard edition, but with a few extra options for the more dedicated fans among us.

Both a standard physical and digital edition will be available for $59.99. A “premium” physical edition -retailing for $79.99- will come with the game, a soundtrack, an art book, some premium packaging, a code for the mobile Granblue title, a character color pack, and a PS4 avatar set. A similar digital version will retail for the same price, but drop all of the physical goodies and include the game’s DLC season pass.

Finally, a “Deluxe” pack going for $99.99 will include absolutely everything listed above. That’s the physical premium version, it’s extra goodies, all of the digital stuff, and the DLC season pass. It’s a lot of different options, but at least you can grab the entire game on day one. You’ll have to wait for new characters, but then Arc System Works has already revealed who they will be.

It may have never been a question of if for Granblue Fantasy: Versus, but Arc System Works had been playing coy about announcing a western release date for this game. With the Japanese version only a week away, many were wondering what was going on with the US/UK versions.

Considering the March date, maybe Arc System Works was waiting to see if Final Fantasy VII Remake would get delayed. March was previously home to a tremendous amount of new releases but has gotten a little lighter after some key delays. I don’t know if releasing anything during March is wise, but taking the release date previously occupied by Square Enix’s long-awaited remake is a decent idea.

With basically no other fighting games on the horizon, Versus has a chance of attracting a nice audience. Fans of Arc’s previous fighters will clearly be there, but others that just enjoy anime or want something entirely new may bite the bullet. From what I’ve played of the beta, this is a very solid game.

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