Gotham Knights To Launch In October 2022

A lot of people considered 2021 to be something of a quiet year on the video games front. An ongoing pandemic forcing developers to work from home and thus pushing back a number of release dates across the industry will do that. A number of games that were supposed to be here by the end of 2021 were pushed into 2022, hence the first few months of this year being so busy.

That pace looks set to continue with games like God Of War Ragnarok and perhaps even Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League potentially on the docket. While both of those titles could potentially be pushed back again and become 2023 releases, we now know that won't be the case for Gotham Knights, at least not for right now. The Batman-based game now has a release date, and it is very much going to be here in 2022.

As confirmed via the official Twitter account for the game, Gotham Knights is currently slated to be here by October 25, 2022. Again, that is, of course, subject to change, but for right now, we can assume we will be playing the new co-op game from the creators of Arkham Origins in time for this year's holiday season.

The reveal of Gotham Knights' release date is likely not coincidental. Odds are your Twitter timelines are currently a healthy mix of Elden Ring takes and yes, people letting you know what they thought of The Batman. Despite Gotham Knights taking place in Batman's universe, the creators of the game are trying to have us believe The Dark Knight is dead. That seems unlikely, but we will be able to find out for sure later this year if all goes to plan.

The other Batman game on the docket, Suicide Squad, was briefly mentioned above. A spiritual successor to the Arkham games, there have been rumors that Harley Quinn and the gang won't be trying to take down Superman until 2023. At least Gotham Knights will be here before the end of the year to fill the Batman video game-shaped hole in our lives, even if Kill The Justice League will not.

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