Gotham Knights Players Are Getting The Wildest Bugs

Gotham Knights launched on Friday, and it hasn't exactly gone smoothly. Reviews from critics were mixed, to say the least, and it didn't get much better once players got their hands on it. While some are having fun running around Gotham as the Bat-family, that seems to be largely in spite of bugs and performance issues – some of which are truly bizarre.

Just two days into playing, there have already been dozens of bugs reported. All over the city, players are falling through the map, running through walls, and even coming across strange, levitating enemies. Some issues are kicking in as early as the tutorial too, making the bugs incredibly hard to avoid.

Reddit user ComprehensiveAd2429 appears to be among the first players to capture footage of one of the earliest bugs in the game, but they are far from the only one experiencing it. In the replies, others share that they are also falling through the map at that exact point, suggesting that everyone should avoid that particular part of the road until a patch is rolled out.

Another one that's cropping up in a few players' games is a strange meditating enemy… who can levitate. And spin around in a circle. There is truly no end to their talents. Of course, this would just be a funny animation error if that was all there is to it, but it gets worse – the bug also makes them immortal. For whatever reason, the glitch means that the goon can't be hurt, which is locking many out of completing a Criminal Stronghold mission. This bug has been reported to the devs, but we're yet to see a response.

Other than that, the usual suspects are here, particularly being able to clip through walls. This one might at least come in handy though, unlike falling through the road and having your enemies become invulnerable to damage.

If you're encountering bugs, you can report them on the official website. With any luck, the first bug patch will be rolled out soon, fixing many of these issues.

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