Gotham Knights: Crafting Guide

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Gotham Knights, like most RPGs, has crafting mechanisms at its core. You can craft a lot of stuff in the game depending on the material you gather, its kind, and its rarity. To craft any of the items, you need to gather Blueprints and Salvages that can be found on different criminal factions in the game.

The crafting mechanism in this game is incredibly easy. All you need to do is spend some time knowing Blueprints and Salvages. Rest comes naturally. Regardless, This crafting guide will walk you through how to craft different items and where to find the Blueprints and Salvages for them.

How To Craft In Gotham Knights

In a nutshell, you can craft anything and everything remotely. All you need to do is press the relevant button to open the Gear Menu on the Batcomputer and navigate to the Crafting Menu. From there on, craft anything that has its prerequisites completed.

Although you can craft anything remotely, you will need to go over to Belfry to equip the item. There is a workbench available in Belfry that allows you to craft anything over there directly.

What Are Blueprints?

To craft anything in the game, you will need to have its Blueprint. The Blueprint could be considered a design or an outline of anything you would want to craft. Thus, it is necessary to own it before the craftable item appears on the menu.

To distinguish different types of Blueprints, the game designs its inner icons according to craftable items;

  • Shield icon for the suit.
  • A reticle-like crosshair for the ranged weapon.
  • A clenched fist representing melee Blueprints.

Furthermore, Blueprints in this game are sorted by their rarity, and that rarity is represented by suitable colors;

  • White Blueprint is a Common one.
  • Green is for the Uncommon.
  • Blue is for Rare.
  • Orange for Heroic.
  • Purple represents Epic.
  • Yellow represents Legendary Blueprints.

You can find Blueprints in the game by; progressing through the story campaign while patrolling in the night and beating down criminals, completing side stories in addition to completing the game challenges. Furthermore, you can also find Blueprints looting the chests in different areas of Gotham City. Scan the environment using your AR Scanner to mark any chests within your area. It will get marked in a purple color. These are commonly found during Premeditated Crimes or inside Owl Nests.

The quality and drop rate of the Blueprints also depend on the type of enemies you take on. For example, Mini-bosses have a higher chance of dropping quality loot than common enemies.

How To Collect Salvages

Just like Blueprints, Salvages in the game serve to complete the prerequisite of craftable items. But before you can begin collecting Salvages for a specific item, you will need to have its Blueprint to craft it. Otherwise, it will all be in vain.

You can collect Salvages in the same way as Blueprints. Read the above section again to revise your concepts. However, you can also disassemble your old gear to salvage it.

Not unlike Blueprints, the concept of rarity also applies to Salvages. There are a total of 15 types of Salvages you can find in-game. All of them are sorted by their rarity as follows:

Salvages Rarity Where To Find
Polymer Common Dropped by all criminal factions in the game.
Titanium Mesh Uncommon Dropped by Mob.
Graphene Fiber Uncommon Dropped by Regulators.
Organic Composite Uncommon Dropped by Court of Owls.
Industrial Solvent Uncommon Get them from Freaks.
Khadym Steel Uncommon Beat down League of Shadows to get this Salvage.
Rare Earth Materials Rare Beat down Mobs.
Colloidal Crystal Rare Regulators is your faction to go.
Electrum Rare Court of Owls drops this Salvage.
Accelerant Rare Dropped after defeating Freaks.
Amalgam Rare Dropped by hunting down League of Shadows.
Promethium Epic Get it from the Regulators.
Programmable Nanocapsules Epic Get this from Freaks.
Pseudoderm Epic Hunt down mobs to get this Salvage.
Nth Metal Legendary This Legendary Salvage is dropped by factions. However, to make Legendary gear, you will need to play high-level challenges repeatedly to find the legendary Salvage.

In short, there are a total of three main things that you can craft in the game:

  • Suits
  • Melee Weapons
  • Ranged Weapons

When you get a new Blueprint, open the Crafting Menu and select the Blueprint. In the bottom left corner of the screen, you will be able to see the type and amount of each type of Salvages that is required to craft the Blueprint.

If you have the required number of Salvages and the Blueprint for the item, all you need to do is either access the Batcomputer from the menu or head over to the workbench in Belfry.

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