Gotham Knights: Case 5.2 Labyrinth Puzzle Solution

While there are many puzzles within Gotham Knights, they usually can be solved quite easily depending on their nature. Part of this can be attributed to the useful AR device that allows you to find relevant clues. However, the game’s tenth puzzle is one of the most difficult to complete.

Your character will end up in an area where their AR gadget will cease to function, and their only objective is to ‘Escape the Labyrinth’ with no other guidance. This puzzle is a bit longer than others and will require patience and agility to make it through. The obstacles in your path are dangerous and can kill your character if you are not careful.

Introduction To The Metal Spikes

Once your character wakes up, they will be disoriented, and things will be a bit blurry on screen. Move forward and follow along the path of the labyrinth.

Keep your eyes on the walls and look for circular indents. Once you see them, crouch down, as spikes will come from here and impale your character if you are not careful.

There will be a few more of these as you make your way through the labyrinth. If your character dies, you will have to start from the beginning again.

Now For The Flamethrowers…

You will see hallucinations of creatures and yourself (among other things) as you are moving, but they cannot harm you. Move along the path, and shortly after you pass the second set of wall spikes, you will reach a room with flamethrowers attached to the ceiling.

The easiest way to make your way through this room is to take note of the black soot on the ground. Step only on the tiles that are not burnt, as this is an indicator of where the flames will land. Do this until you have made it past this section.

A Dead End

Follow along the path, and you will eventually reach a dead end. Turn around, and the path will have changed. Keep following it until you reach the next room.

Spinning Spikes Of Death

The next room will have large, spinning spikes that may seem impossible to get by. However, this section is all about timing and can be done in one go if you are careful. There are two ways to go about this.

One is to wait for the spikes to line up as they are rotating and create a gap between them. When you see the gap, quickly sprint, and slide underneath the blades towards the wall on the other side.

Do not aim for the exit, but specifically the wall, as there are spikes blocking the door/exit. Wait for a gap as the spikes rotate by the door before exiting.

The second method is much slower, and probably the best if you want to be extra cautious. Shimmy to your right and stand against the wall; you will be able to see the rotation much better from this angle. Crouch down and wait until they line up and form a slight gap.

You should be able to walk through while crouching. Again, go directly to the wall across and not directly to the exit. Wait here and crouch to go underneath the spinning blades blocking the door to crawl out into the hallway.

The Bat Signal

After this, continue until you find yourself in a room with the Bat Signal Light. It will break as you enter. Head down the hallway to the right of the light. You will then stumble upon another set of wall spikes.

Follow along until you reach a room with a large table and seats.

Go right and continue until you reach the room with the computer monitors and Alfred’s dead body. This is also a hallucination. Go right and continue.

Mind Games

These could change depending on the character you play as, but you will reach another room with a hallucination. In this case, Batgirl sees her father’s old office and hears him berating her as a superhero.

Continue down the hallway to the left, and you will reach another set of spikes.

A Moving Door

Finally, you will be near the end of the Labyrinth once you see a door ahead. This door will keep moving further away from you.

It will take two to three attempts of you running and holding X to open it.

A cut scene will play of your character trying to ram the door open with their shoulder once you are successful. You will then find yourself in the room with another puzzle, which is the Owl Head Puzzle. Upon completing this puzzle, you will have successfully completed this section of the game.

This is a pressure point puzzle. There are four pressure pads in the room on either side of the owl head, and then on each of the Gargoyles on the walls above you. Move from one gargoyle to a pressure pad on the floor and wait for the orb to turn in your direction for each one.

Then repeat this with the pressure pad on the floor, and then the second gargoyle. The orb should have spun towards you a total of four times (one for each pressure pad) and the door will open.

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