Gotham Knights: Case 3.1 Owl’s Nest Hideout Puzzle Solution

At the end of case two in Gotham Knights, the heroes find out that the Court Of Owls really exist and they're doing some heinous things. So, for case three, they try to track them down. This takes the Knights to the Gotham Gazette, where the Court has a secret hideout.

Naturally, you don't just walk through the front door of the Gazette to find the place. There's a secret door high up on the side of the building. Your AR makes it easy to find. Once you enter the hideout, though, you're tasked with another puzzle that revolves around a map. This is how you solve that one.

How To Complete The Map Puzzle

There isn't much in the hideout, so it isn't hard to find the map for the puzzle. It's on the table that's right next to the initial document you have to scan.

Go over to the map and investigate it. As always is the case in these situations, you're put into first-person mode. This helps you look at the several things that are on the map. This is all of them:

  • Brass Peg Pointing Towards Gotham River
  • Brass Peg Pointing Towards The Truman Federal Building
  • Brass Peg Pointing Towards The Hospital
  • Brass Peg Pointing Towards Otisburg
  • Brass Peg Pointing Towards Bohler Avenue
  • Ofasiede Card (Purge)
  • Hwop Card (Threaten)
  • Diede Card (Kill The Target)
  • Nierwe Card (Take Them Prisoner)
  • Owl Dagger
  • Court Of Owls Order

Do an AR scan to get more information about some of the items.

The Brass Pegs are all locations, while the Cards are instructions. So, naturally, you must link a location with an instruction.

The Court Of Owls Order (the paper to the right) provides you with all the information you need to solve the puzzle. It has two logos on it.

The top one matches with the Brass Peg on the left side of the map, which points towards the Gotham River. Underneath it is a logo that's the same as the one on the far left card, which is the Ofasiede one. Thus, mark both of those and hit solve.

Once you do, the hero you're controlling will put the two things together to discover that something is going down at the Chelsea Tunnel.

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