Gorn’s Oculus Quest Launch is in Two Weeks

Several months ago Gorn developer Free Lives announced that its comedic brawler would be coming to Oculus Quest, ported over by 24Bit Games – the studio behind the PlayStation VR port. Today, the launch date has been confirmed and there’s not long to wait.

Alongside a new Oculus Quest screenshot the studio announced that Gorn will be available on 28th January, less than two weeks away. Popular with PC VR and PlayStation VR players alike, soon those on Oculus Quest or Quest 2 will find out why this is an indie success story.

Or VRFocus can just tell you, it’s violence, pure over-the-top cartoon chaos like an episode of Happy Tree Friends. Gorn puts you inside a classic gladiatorial arena to vanquish wave after wave of muscle bound fighters. You can utilise weapons, fists or the environment to win, basically anything goes when it comes to success.

Gladiators will come in various guises, from basic lumbering idiots to armour-clad assailants and some unusual bosses. Yet one theme runs throughout its visceral, stupid mayhem. Blood will fly everywhere, limbs and heads can be severed and bones broken, all in the name of combat sport. The daft aspect comes from the ragdoll effects, with opponents easily flung around. Should all the red stuff get too much, switch on the Pinata mode for a friendlier alternative.

In its PC VR review of Gorn VRFocus said: “It is stupid, and over the top on almost every level yet it’ll still put a smile of most players faces. Additionally, GORN will help you lose two things, time and calories. You’ll find that one fight will turn into ten, and you’ll be a sweaty mess from all that arm swinging. If you want something deep and thought-provoking go read a book, for everyone else there’s GORN.”

With Gorn now scheduled to launch on 28th January 2021, that gives Oculus Quest owners something to look forward to as nothing else is expected to launch in that time. For further updates from Free lives on Gorn, keep reading VRFocus.

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