Gordon Ramsay Asks "What The Fu** Is Twitch?"

2022 is off to a rousing start with Gordon Ramsay and Twitch crossing over in the most bizarre of ways. In the premiere episode of Next Level Chef, he asks a contestant what they do for a living – she says Twitch streaming.

"I stream on Twitch my cooking, chef," she said. "What the fuck is Twitch?" Ramsay replied. The contestants laugh while Ramsay acts like that grandad who isn't up to date with the hippest tech, shrugging it off because he has Mythbusters and Top Gears on Dave to keep him happy. But it went beyond the show.

Shortly after, Twitch updated its Twitter bio, tagging Gordon Ramsay: "@GordonRamsay scrambled egg recipe stan account." The famous celebrity chef then changed his own bio: "Always near food… doesn't know what Twitch is."

Maybe he does know what Twitch is and this was all a ploy to get some viral marketing going for his new show, or maybe he's never heard of the platform. Either way, it's a stroke of genius that's propelled Next Level Chef into the limelight for a moment. But it makes sense if he hasn't heard of Twitch. It currently has 140 million active users, but that pales in comparison to sites like YouTube which sports 2.29 billion.

However, Ramsay does have a TikTok, as does his daughter. It's again a goliath platform with one billion total users. Given how young it is, that's doubly impressive. Maybe in lieu of this little crossover, Ramsay will get into Twitch streaming – perhaps we'll see him gunning down Gino D'Acampo in Battlefield 2042 while he cooks up the world's best-microwaved Rustler's burger.

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