Good Goliath Is A PSVR And PC VR Game With Giant Combat

Remember Giant Cop, the VR game about patrolling the city streets as, well, a giant cop? Good Goliath is a little like that, if it had a fantasy setting and, instead of protecting people, you used them as weapons. Pretty similiar, then.

Announced today from San Diego-based Knocktwice Games, Good Goliath pits you against a race of deadly giants and monsters, though you yourself are massive too. Minions charge at you and you can pick them up, throw them around and use them as projectiles against other foes. Check it out in the trailer below.

As you can see, Good Goliath is a polished-looking game with plenty of humor to it. At one point you’re catching sharks out of the air, in another you’re bowling enemies down with giant balls. It’s a game that wants to utilize VR’s amazing sense of scale, and that goes both ways. Some of the bosses seen in the trailer, like the Kraken, seem absolutely massive.

Knocktwice is promising a story-driven campaign with 12 levels and unlockables. This looks like it could be a bit of fun, even if the concept isn’t especially new anymore. Plus we’re very fond of the game’s visual style and character design. Maybe not a Half-Life killer, but not everything has to be, does it?

Good Goliath is due on PSVR and PC VR (specifically Rift and Vive) headsets in spring 2020. There’s no mention of a Quest version at this point in time. Stomp on over to the comments to let us know if you’re interested.

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