Godzilla Vs Kong Looks Like It’s Set To Actually Make A Profit Despite Launching During The Pandemic

Godzilla vs. Kong is on track to make a profit even though Warner Bros. went ahead and released the blockbuster before the pandemic was over.

Movie studios have faced an ongoing tough decision for the past year as to what to do with all their major releases. As the pandemic really kicked into gear and lockdowns were enforced around the world, release dates were pushed back, and then again, and then again in some cases as more than 12 months later, the pandemic continues to affect almost all of us.

Warner Bros. decided to bite the bullet at the end of 2020 by releasing Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters and on HBO Max at the same time. That must have been a success as it followed up by announcing it would be doing that with all of its major releases in 2021. That includes Godzilla vs. Kong, and according to Deadline, the decision to do that with the monster versus monster epic has actually paid off.

In this climate, looking at box office numbers alone isn’t enough to determine whether a movie has been a financial success. There are multiple factors and revenue streams that need to be considered, and after doing the math, Deadline has determined Godzilla vs. Kong is on track to net Warner Bros. a profit. That’s despite the movie’s production costing $160 million, and Warner Bros. having to pay Legendary back its 75% share of that in exchange for releasing the movie on HBO Max the same day it hit theaters. Awise decision thus far as it has been watched by twice as many people on the platform as Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

After taking into account all of those revenue streams and all of the money Warner Bros. will have lost by streaming the movie as well as releasing it, Godzilla vs. Kong is set to make somewhere in the region of a $96 million profit. Figures include $70 million generated via the domestic box office, $55 million from offshore rentals, and an impressive $60 million via international rental deals. That includes Sky in the UK as HBO Max is currently unavailable across the pond.

Godzilla vs. Kong’s financial success is good news for just about everybody. Warner Bros. and everyone else in the movie’s creation, for obvious reasons, but also other studios and best of all, movie fans. If money can be made via simultaneous streaming and theatrical releases, it could mean this becomes the norm in the future. Ideal for an uncertain world where people may not be comfortable sitting in a crowded movie theater for years to come.

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