God Of War: Where To Find All Lore Markers

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After Kratos destroyed much of the world at the end of God Of War 3, no one expected that he’d find a new life in Norse mythology. However, his reputation precedes him as he and his son are soon hounded by the Midgar pantheon and must fight back as they aim to complete their quest.

What’s strange is that the quest is not that urgent which leaves you plenty of time to explore God Of War and discover all the treasures and secrets it has to offer. One of the most informative is the Lore Marker which can be carved on designated tablets or random walls.

The Lore Markers

There are over 39 markers scattered around Midgar and finding them all will explain much about the world you find yourself in.

The River Pass

  • Lore Marker #1: This marker is unmissable and will trigger automatically as you progress through the story.
  • Lore Marker #2: Keep going until you reach a slightly flooded open area with structures that look like ribs. Check the surrounding walls for a wooden wall for Atreus to climb and throw down the chain. Climb it then go left to find the marker.
  • Lore Marker #3: Once you’re in the Witch’s Cave, find the bridge. Turn back and straight until you see a hole in a wall of stones. Climb it to reach the marker.
  • Lore Marker #4: Climb up past the previous marker until you reach the top. You’ll see the marker to the left with the crystal along a path nearby.
  • Lore Marker #5 and #6: Outside of the large tree that leads to the Witch’s house, check the walls around the area to find both of the markers carved into them.

Shores Of Nine

  • Lore Marker #1: Make your way to the Isle of Death. Climb to the top of the tallest part of the island to find the marker.
  • Lore Marker #2: Slide down the rope to reach the Iron Cove. Follow the trail through the wrecked ship then climb the wall past it. Turn to the right to find the marker.
  • Lore Marker #3: Head to the Forgotten Caverns. Enter and start climbing your way up until you’re back outside. Climb down a nearby chain to find the marker beside a waterfall.
  • Lore Marker #4: Paddle towards the icy area and land on the shore past it near one of the bridge gates. Climb up the chain and follow the path to the left. Keep going until you reach an open area where the marker will be behind a large stone body.
  • Lore Marker #5 and #6: Go to the bridge and enter through the Vanaheim doors. The two pieces of lore will be on either side of a large blocked door and require four Ciphers to read.
  • Lore Marker #7: From the previous lore markers, go down the path to the right then take the first left and jump down. Grab the crystal in a nearby alcove and take it to the marker in the corner.

The Mountain

  • Lore Marker #1: Follow the path as usual until you reach the waterfall. Look across from it to see a crystal hidden by some boards. Break the boards and light the crystal to activate a bridge. Grab a crystal from beside the bridge and follow a path to activate the marker.
  • Lore Marker #2: Go forward from the waterfall then turn left to reach a crawl space. Go through to find the marker on the back of a statue.
  • Lore Marker #3: Head past the statue to a door behind it. Go through and turn right to find the marker. Keep going then turn left to grab a crystal to activate it.
  • Lore Marker #4: Go right from the previous marker until you reach a climbable wall. Climb up and you’ll find the lore carved into it.
  • Lore Marker #5: When you reach an area filled with walls wrecked wooden equipment, go towards the left corner. You’ll see a pile of debris that has the marker on it.
  • Lore Marker #6: After you cross the snowy pass, open the doors and climb down the ladder. After you reach the bottom, follow the path and turn left to see the marker.
  • Lore Marker #7: In the room with a large wooden frame with hanging pots, go down the tunnel in the corner until you reach another crawl space. Go through and follow the path to a marked wooden wall and throw Atreus up. Climb the chain he throws down and go left to find the marker.

Volunder Mines

  • Lore Marker #1: Once you find the Mystical Gateway, go left from it and through a narrow space to find the marker.
  • Lore Marker #2: After you reach the shop, the marker will be across from it.
  • Lore Marker #3: Find the area with the Ancient and defeat it. Then you’ll be able to use the Atreus wall in the corner. Climb the chain he throws down to find the marker.

Northri Stronghold

  • Lore Marker #1: Enter the hole in the side of the wrecked ship to find the marker.
  • Lore Marker #2: Row back from the wrecked ship and land on the shore to the left. Climb the nearby wooden tower to reach the marker.


  • Lore Marker #1: Go left from the Mystical Gateway and stay left until you reach a chain. Climb down and follow the path up a small wall to find the marker.
  • Lore Marker #2: From the platform facing the dragon, go through the stone doors on the left. Follow the path as usual and you’ll run into the marker.


  • Lore Marker #1: Once you open the gate, keep paddling and turn left to reach ashore. Deal with the enemies and forward towards a large wall. Climb up it to find the marker.
  • Lore Marker #2 and #3: Go past the shop and through a narrow space. Across from the exit is a crawl space that leads to the marker. The other one is to the right of it.
  • Lore Marker #4: Paddle to the shore with a dock on it. Go straight from the dock towards the path that leads to the dragon and you’ll see the marker on your right.
  • Lore Marker #5: To the left of the dragon is a large sealed door and the marker is to the left of that.
  • Lore Marker #6: Go through the sealed doors, up the stairs, and through a crack in the wall on the right. Keep going until you reach a flooded room. Drain the room, jump down and follow the path to find the marker.

Tyr’s Temple

  • Lore Marker #1: In the room with the hanging blue object, climb the cracked wall between an entrance and treasure hoard. Once you reach the top, follow the wall to find the marker.
  • Lore Marker #2 and #3: You’ll run into these markers on the walls of the chambers with pillars in the center.

Council Of The Valkyries

  • Lore Marker #1: Go to a small shore to the right of the Oarsmen statues. Head up the slope, through the stone doors, head left, and climb the wall to find the marker.

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