God Of War Ragnarok Is Reportedly Causing Developers To Avoid Releasing Games In November

God of War Ragnarok is reportedly causing developers to avoid releasing their games in November.

Without a doubt, God of War Ragnarok is the biggest game left to release in 2022, which should come as no surprise considering how beloved the last game was. It probably doesn't come as a surprise to hear that developers are reportedly avoiding releasing their games in November, just to give Ragnarok its space.

Kinda Funny recently did a podcast episode where they discussed the delay of Marvel's Midnight Suns and the general slate of releases for the rest of the year. During the episode, Tim Gettys mentions to Greg Miller that he's had discussions with developers where they've admitted to giving God of War Ragnarok its room and actively avoided releasing their games alongside it due to how popular it is.

Gettys said, "I think we're getting to this interesting point of games being scared of God of War Ragnarok. I've had business calls in the back end with people that have said things to me that I was shocked by of just like, 'hey, we're pulling out on this, we're backing off on this, we're just giving God of War its space."

Gettys continued, noting that Ragnarok will likely have control both before and after it releases, "God of War Ragnarok, I think is kind of a game to its own in terms of hype and like with the expectations and how much it's just going to control the narrative of the industry come November and leading into it and right after it. I can imagine a lot of people looking at the rest of this year as almost a wash".

Anyone who's been keeping up with God of War Ragnarok won't be surprised to hear any of this. Just last month, the Jotnar edition of the game managed to sell out across the world in less than five minutes, with the game's special edition also selling out completely within a few hours.

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