God Of Ragnarok Gameplay Video Shows Off Svartelheim Level In 4K

God Of War Ragnarok's launch is only a little more than two months away, so naturally more and more of what appears to be a pretty vast game is being revealed. The latest part of Kratos and Atreus's next chapter to be shown off by Ragnarok's creators is a realm players didn't get the chance to visit in the first game, Svartalfheim.

Svartalfheim is a dwarven realm that has been shown off in 4K for the very first time courtesy of Game Informer. You can check out the realm below in which the familiar ways Kratos was used in the first game will be put to the test in an all-new environment. Freezing geysers with his leviathan axe, smashing pots with the Blades of Chaos, and having Atreus run ahead to help the pair move forward on their journey.

Svartalfheim is one of nine realms in the God of War games and was actually mentioned in the last one. However, like a number of other realms, the world was inaccessible to Kratos. Also mentioned is the reveal that all bets will be off in Ragnarok. Players will visit all nine realms, including the ones they became familiar with in the 2018 game. Large parts of those realms will look very different from the way they did four years ago, though.

Back to Svartalfheim, and it sounds like the new realm may well feel familiar to what has just been shown off in Rings Of Power, Amazon's new Lord of the Rings show. No major spoilers here, but in the second episode we are shown a pretty incredible dwarven city built inside of a mountain. The first look at Ragnarok's take on something very similar, along with the brief description, sounds like the sequel could offer up more of the same.

God Of War Ragnarok will launch on PS5 on November 9, 2022, during a week that has become a very busy one for gamers. Both Sonic Frontiers and Skull And Bones will launch the day before. Odin's in-game design also appears to have leaked, and over the weekend fans of the original God of War games noticed Kratos using a move from those older titles in some Ragnarok footage.

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