Go From College Dropout To Professional Gumshoe In The Detective Chapters: Part One

Independent video game developer and publisher Mayhem Games USA recently announced the January 22, 2021 release date for its upcoming exploration and murder mystery adventure The Detective Chapters: Part One. The game’s Steam page is live now, but as of this writing does not have a price point listed.

As the name denotes, The Detective Chapters: Part One is the first part of a two-part murder mystery, and there is also yet no word on the status of part two. Mayhem Games is also a solo-dev studio consisting of the founder, Adam Gibson. This game is Gibson’s second video game, after the Steam release of the open-world RPG Barter Empire in 2015.

According to the official press release, The Detective Chapters: Part One is a “story-rich narrative first-person exploration adventure” with a murder mystery theme. You roleplay as a college dropout working the graveyard shift at the local convenience store just to make money, but you’re also an aspiring detective whose aspirations get put to the test in a rather personal and horrible way. On a normal day like any other, you came home from school to find your father dead, apparently by suicide. Troubling thing is, the evidence that should exist to support that theory is lacking, and you take it upon yourself to discover the truth.

The Detective Chapters plays out in first-person, but with a classic and simple point-and-click character interaction. As you explore the various scenes you’ll encounter, you will attempt to gather clues about your father that may help lead to why he’s now dead. You will chat up slash interrogate NPCs through multiple dialogue options, with the ones you choose affecting their attitude toward you, as well as affecting the path you take through the story, and the outcomes you’ll be presented with.

Other key features for the game include the ability to choose to roleplay as male, female, or other as the main character. That’s a pretty significant factor in and of itself, made all the more resectable considering the game was developed entirely by a one-person studio. The press release adds that the game has a story-rich writing and narrative element to help immerse you into the game’s “dark and gritty atmosphere”.

Click over to the studio’s website, and its Twitter and YouTube channels, for more info.

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