Gizmo’s Addition To MultiVersus Has Been Delayed To September 8

MultiVersus has announced that we'll have to wait a tiny bit longer for Gizmo to join the roster, with his new release day announced as September 8. Gizmo was supposed to be added to the game next Tuesday as revealed in a new announcement video, but it now seems like Player First Games might have gotten a little ahead of itself and has pushed back the date by two days.

This news was announced via the official MultiVersus Twitter account, which tweeted out that the team still needs a litte bit of time to "coerce him out of his box." Obviously I don't think Player First has an actual Mogwai in its office – it's more likely that the team just needs an extra couple of days to fine tune and tweak the character and his moveset before he's pitted against the rest of the game's cast.

On the upside, the tweet announcing the delay has actually given us our first proper look at Gizmo, albeit he's just quivering in a box and not doing any actual fighting. While we knew it was Gizmo from the announcement video, we didn't actually get to see the Mogwai himself, just a pair of massive eyes and some adorable little paws.

While it wasn't announced, we can also probably assume that the rest of the game's additions in the next update will have been pushed back a little bit as well. MultiVersus director Tony Huynh told fans before the announcement of Gizmo that the game's next patch is one of the "biggest ones yet" teasing multiple new additions to the game coming next week. Don't get your hopes up for Guilds or the Item Shop to finally open though, as Huynh explained that those are still "a little bit out."

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